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    Mike Pence to launch presidential bid with Iowa speech

    What a waste of time and doner money. There is a better change creation spontaneously came into existence than he has of being president *Insert pigs flying emoji here*
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    Contraceptive Pill for Men Nears Reality After Major Breakthrough

    Because every time the "scientists" Say something is safe with no adverse effect is 100% true. We can all trust big pharma right?
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    UN accuses Israel of recruiting Palestinian child soldiers

    Don't you know it is only socially acceptable for Muslim terrorist organizations to recruit kids so they can strap bombs on themselves and blow other innocent people up. We all know Israel would never recruit children like this. They even give people a warning when they are about to bomb a...
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    Belarus official: West left us no choice but to deploy nuclear arms

    The reports have been that Putin will maintain operational control. But according to Russian battlefield SOP a general can launch a tactical nuke to avoid loosing major ground.
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    Hillary Gives Us Another Hint that Her Pointy Black Hat is in the Ring for 2024

    She is a narcissist and only cares about herself and the Luciferian agenda. Fortunately for us she is such an unlikable person I don't even think she could cheat her way into office. The only person more unlikable than she is would be the current sitting VP
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    Russia is not taking Ukraine war seriously, Moscow's UK envoy claims

    Unfortunately for the people of Russia their leaders have never valued life very much. Sending young me to slaughter is cheeper than sending equipment to get destroyed. Also it's better to send your out of date WWII era broken equipment to use with the "cannon fodder" while you wait for NATO to...
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    Russia puts Lindsey Graham on wanted list - Russian media

    I would LOVE to buy an Abrams, a F-22 Raptor, an Apache Longbow and heck throw in an A-10 Warthog for just the fun Anyone want to loan me a 200mil or so, I'm good for it I promise. I'll just ask my friend Hunter for it to pay you back... :groucho
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    Artificial Intelligence – Locked and Loaded

    So I have listened to AI creators who go in dark rooms use new age meditation practices emptying themselves and getting "code downloads" from "entities" They have said these "downloads" have taken "years" off the development of AI. AI is a portal into the demonic realm. It is a modern day...
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    Artificial Intelligence – Locked and Loaded

    The AC and false prophet are thrown alive into lake of fire. I believe AC will be in control of AI giving him and Satan the appearance of all knowing and powerful
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    Roger Waters dresses up as SS officer, compares Anne Frank to Abu Akleh

    Their big influence from the 70s was Alister Crowley. The guys responsible for modern Satanism and dark magik. He spelled it with a k making a distinction from the trivial illusion of fake magic He influenced pink Floyd, led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Ozzy Osbourne and almost every musician from...
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    GOP seeks to fine Adam Schiff $16 million for false Trump-Russia collusion claim

    Unfortunately this is empty threats and typical grand standing. The Clinton and Biden crime syndicates will not be touched nor will anyone else that works for the DEMONcRats. Satan will take care of his useless idiots until they serve no purpose. Right now their purpose is ushering in the beast...
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    Paul Was Pre-Trib

    I have used the titanic as an example before as well. I would tell people positive behavior modification ( like getting an alcoholic to stop drinking ) without share the gospel and seeing them get saved is like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic.
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    Paul Was Pre-Trib

    I am torn like Paul was. Half of me would just like Jesus to send us a printable out list of names and addresses of all those to be saved [Rom 11:24] so we can go door to door and get these people saved kicking in screaming (obviously tongue and cheek here) so we can get this show on the road...
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    Jeffrey Epstein allegedly threatened to expose Bill Gates’ affair - report

    Everything about Epstein is infuriating and disgusting. He was an evil man who prayed on children, has others pray on children so he could video them and blackmail them. Gates is an evil and disgusting man as well. He is running out of time to repent and turn to Jesus. If not his wealth...
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    Russia says it deployed fighter jet to prevent US bomber planes from crossing border

    If US wanted to send bombers into Russian airspace we would use the B-2 stealth bombers. Which just so happens to have been cleared to resume flight operations. I pretty much read Psalms 1 and 2 everyday now. Heard someone say recently it takes a psalm 1 person to live in a psalm 2 world
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    Praying for America and for MTG

    And if they actually do impeach him and remove him from office the cackling Kamal is even worse
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    Google AI Pioneer Says He Quit To Speak Freely About Technology’s ‘Dangers’

    AI has already passed both the BAR exam and medical board. Goldman Sachs estimated 300 million jobs world wide will be lost to AI and chatGPT 4 will get rid of 60% of lawyers alone. It is coming much faster than any of us realize and if 1000+ tech leader are signing to a letter saying we need...
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    Google AI Pioneer Says He Quit To Speak Freely About Technology’s ‘Dangers’

    Sorry to disagree with you on this but AI is much further than most even know. You should listen to the interview of Tristan Harris. It has already caught up to the adult level strategic reasoning. In 2018 it it was at a level of a newborn. In January of 2022 it was at the level of a 7 year old...
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    Biden endorses plan to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets -officials

    B.I.D.E.N. Acronym for: bumbling idiot destroying entire nation It was Infront of us the whole time... UHG
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    Men Can Have Children?

    Just give Klaus Schwab and gang some more time. They will had the entire world genetically modified in no time.