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    Japanese Bible

    The web address for Japan is: I can't read it, but I know Gideon's is "safe".
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    Japanese Bible

    The first thing that I thought of when reading this was Gideon's International. In a large city, they surely have Gideon's around. You can look them up on the internet. They give out foreign language bibles for FREE. The only thing, if I remember correctly, is that the person who will be...
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    New Ebola Case in New York City?

    We'll have to see if it's confirmed...
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    Hamas Says IDF Didn't Destroy All Terror Tunnels

    But Hamas has been known to lie...
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    Want to Feel Smart?

    :pound: I feel so much smarter! :joker
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    What hobbies/pastimes do you most look forward to in Heaven and the MK?

    I could only find 5 things. Things that I used to do--albeit not well enough--and never being tired or in pain. That would be wonderful Cooking, gardening, and, of course, playing with my kitty who had to be "put down". Oh, and riding a horse, or a tiger.
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    Happy Birthday pistache! (16th of September)

    Happy birthday, pistache! :cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer:May you go to work soon!
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    NOAA Sees 246 Cold Temperature Records In First 10 Days Of September

    Here in SW Louisiana, it's cold! :lol: 76 degrees!
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    27 years ago today...

    Heidi! Happy anniversary!
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    Sodom and Gomorrah

    Extremely interesting!
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    Happy Birthday Chris! (26th of August)

    Happy belated birthday, Chris!
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    Alabama hunters haul in 1,000-pound alligator

    I've eaten gator many times. It's not something that I crave. The tail meat is considered the "white meat" on a gator. Anything else is considered the "dark meat". The dark meat has a stronger flavor. I would not compare it to chicken. I would compare the "consistency" more to pork or veal...
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    Happy 57th Birthday WaitingOnHim! (18th of August)

    Happy birthday, WaitingOnHim!
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    A church that doesn't do altar calls for salvation?

    I don't think that an altar call is necessary, but if a church is a "feel good" church that doesn't call sin sin, then run don't walk to the nearest exit. How would a person know that they needed a savior unless they realized that they were a sinner? Good preachers can bring the subject around...
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    Summer 2014 is the coldest in a decade

    A summer without a heat wave is alright by me as long as it doesn't snow in Louisiana this winter,
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    Glad to be here! Hello fellow Christians!

    Hello BbG! Welcome to RF!
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    Psalms 83 Questions

    The countries listed for Ezekiel 38/39 do not include Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, or the "Palestinians", etc. Yet, the Ezekiel countries would have to cross through the above named countries to get to Israel. Common sense tells us that if they were still there, and they were being crossed to attack...