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  1. SJ129

    U.S. Military Using Drag Queens for Recruitment

    Sure… “ready for anything” as long as you address them by the right pronouns. If not, they’ll turn into bumbling toddlers not getting their way. We are weak. The good ones (mostly) left. Between the illegal man dates over the past few years ending careers, and the forced CBT’s on...
  2. SJ129

    US finds debris from fighter jet one day after crash

    Just unusual things going on. That’s all.
  3. SJ129

    US finds debris from fighter jet one day after crash

    All I can say is that there was an Air China 737 parked at Charleston AFB for 3 days afterwards. They were *supposedly* carrying delegates to the UN meeting in NY, but stopped here first. That’s what the media says anyway. The plane was being heavily guarded. Source- my husband is DoD/ former...
  4. SJ129

    Let New York City Die

    I feel for the kids of the illegal immigrants, but the parents brought that on them by teaching that “breaking and entering” is 100% ok. I feel even more for residents of these cities who did NOT vote for this crap, and are unable to leave their state due to finances, job, etc. Not to be ugly...
  5. SJ129

    EAS Test- Oct 4

    Yea my husband is former military. I’ve just noticed how often things conveniently happen during “routine tests” or shortly thereafter. Always good to be vigilant. I’ll leave it at that. TPTB always like to announce their planned crisis beforehand for some reason. And it always come out later...
  6. SJ129

    EAS Test- Oct 4

    Or what they want us to believe anyway
  7. SJ129

    EAS Test- Oct 4

    Has anyone else been hearing about the EAS (emergency alert) tests that our government in America will be running Oct 4 at 2:20 pm? I have sooo many thoughts, but don’t want to promote “conspiracy theories”. Regardless, my cell will be completely off with the sim removed. It was posted August...
  8. SJ129

    Knowing The Day and The Hour

    This makes me think on several things lately. For one, preventative “medical injections”. We know they are polluted with toxins, animal DNA, and the blood of innocent children. As well as *possibly* microchips. Also, Musk (and others) putting chips in people’s brains. Would they no longer be...
  9. SJ129

    National Hurricane Center Warns Florida of 10–15 Foot Storm Surges, Strong Winds Inland

    They cancelled school for the next two days here in coastal South Carolina. Or I should say, they’ve closed the buildings and kids will be “e-learning”.
  10. SJ129

    How Will the World Explain the Rapture?

    I just pray for the saints that are left (or rather, those who’ll become saints) here during the tribulation period. What a horror to endure! God will give them strength, but what terrors to go through on earth!
  11. SJ129

    Things are Moving FAST!

    With tech advancing so quickly, and organizations like VoM trying to get Bibles into persecuted areas, this could happen rather quickly.
  12. SJ129

    BLM co-founder's cousin dies from cardiac arrest after LA police tase him

    And was a drug test not required to be a teacher? I do realize he could’ve passed them took to using.
  13. SJ129

    The Rapture Report – Vladimir Putin signs law banning gender changes in Russia

    We (collective) have Russian brothers and sisters in Christ also. We just need to pray for all of Christ’s children. Too much division in the world, when we’re all (we as in born again Christians) headed to the same eternity together. It’s only our earthly residence & appearance that’s different.
  14. SJ129

    Vivek Ramaswamy defends call to cut Israel aid at first Republican debate

    He talks a good talk. Too good. He’s smooth. While I agree with many things he’s saying, I can’t overlook the fact that he’s not a Christian. And he worked for biotech in the past also. I cannot vote for someone who’s no seeking God’s will and guidance in their life/decision making, regardless...
  15. SJ129

    How Will the World Explain the Rapture?

    I wonder, all the depopulation talk in the news (for those of us that look into such things), could really be planted purposely to be discovered. That way, when the rapture occurs, they can blame it on Gates and company “depopulation” and distract the remaining populace from what really...
  16. SJ129

    Weird Noah's Ark Thought

    I think time was the same, but the aging of of our bodies was slower. So with a 900 year lifespan, I imagine you stay in your “prime” longer. Like the equivalent of today’s 30 year old body for hundreds of years. Noah worked on the Ark for 120 years, (and I’m not sure what age he was when he...
  17. SJ129

    Trump charged in US special counsel probe in efforts to overturn 2020 election

    God has placed us all when and where he desired on this earth. I believe that there are different “mission fields” he’s put us each in, and ours ( 1st world western) is dangerous for those very reasons. While Christians in poorer nations have physical persecution and the very real threat of...