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  1. Batman

    The Walls Are Closing In: Liz Cheney Touts Criminal Charges Against Trump

    Cheney as a congressional Republican is a perfect example of the stupidity in that party.
  2. Batman

    American Idol - Re defining Christianity

    Wasn't a bunch of idiotic Hollywood and/or other celebrities on an extremely embarrassing "Imagine" YouTube video a year or so ago? This woke Christian adoption of ecumenicism, occultism, socialism, marxism, and stupidicism (my word) shows ignorance of the scriptures.
  3. Batman

    NY Times Calls on Readers to Kill God

    Is the NYT against God as in our Biblical God or all "gods" that even the cults follow? I'm guessing they are not against the others, just the one True and Living God.
  4. Batman

    Your credit score may soon depend on your web history

    I am absolutely convinced that a social score including online surfing and posting will be tracked and accountability will be rendered, whether before or just during the 7 year tribulation.
  5. Batman

    NY’s BLM Lt. Gov Who Backed Police Defunding Busted for Bribery

    Sometimes it seems like all this massive highest level woke stupidity is pushed by the lowest level slime ball criminals with intent to stir up and destroy our society and our morale compass while padding their wallets.
  6. Batman

    After School Satan Club' up for vote at PA elementary school

    I often think about the highest degrees of sin and perversion and satanism going on in our world and wonder what the men and women of America before 1970 or at least 1960 would have done if things like this were manifesting in their time and societal structure. Why do the masses today let this...
  7. Batman

    Duke Divinity School Students: ‘God Is Queer’

    They certainly have some gall but I'm guessing we won't hear that they push that type of mockery on the Muslim "god".
  8. Batman

    Trans Women Knock Up Real Women in NJ Prison

    A male prisoner pretending to be a female prisoner and impregnating 2 truly female prisoners is a scourge on our society...........kind of like domestic enemies pretending to be judges, legislators, mayors, governors, and POTUS/V-POTUS. We the People are letting this stupidity happen and they...
  9. Batman

    Gas station owner ‘on verge of tears’ after undercharging for fuel in Tennessee

    Quiktrip or many other huge C&Gs wouldn't hurt so bad but any independent would suffer greatly.
  10. Batman

    Illinois Educational Conference Invites Weirdo to Speak

    Sometimes we have to know and sometimes it's vital to point out the scum and horrid language, commentary, platforms, plotting, and actions of these awful people. More Christians need to get educated (need to know) and go to war against this awfulness.
  11. Batman

    The Walls Are Closing In: Liz Cheney Touts Criminal Charges Against Trump

    She is a domestic enemy with a platform, voice, and power. She is to blame for her own opinions, actions, plots. But the citizenry is to blame for not pushing these ragers out and ensuring they never return to public service. Until there are consequences for this rogue hate they will continue to...
  12. Batman

    Could Melchizedek Be One of the Two Witnesses During the Tribulation

    I'm figuring on it being Moses and Elijah, but will be happy if either or both are wrong.
  13. Batman

    No Mention of ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ Allowed in Disney Parks

    I hope to live to see/participate in the rapture.......and the bankruptcy and destruction of Disney Company.
  14. Batman

    Will the anti christ be trans?

    I think the AC will be very ecumenical and very woke and very tolerant and very worldly.....but I also think he will betray any and all and allow high betrayals and consequences in order to get the ultimate power and try to keep it.
  15. Batman

    Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter for $41 billion

    I do hope he and others get into Twitter so that it dumps the rabid rager domestic enemies, but I wonder if he is a friend or just a enemy of our enemy?
  16. Batman

    Easter egg hunt after morning service??

    It's pagan and exposing paganism is never wrong, it's also very popular, common, and low on the list of things we probably need to fight against with so little time and so much happening. I'm against it and stay away from it but figure some day my son would allow future grandchildren to do it.
  17. Batman

    Washington State Is BANNING Non-Electric Cars by 2030

    WA state is filled with idiots. Very sad.
  18. Batman

    Major Christian denomination splits over 'divisive and destructive debates' on LGBT issues

    It's not the debates on LGBTQ that are divisive and destructive, it's the sin in light of God's Word. Sad that a church has members so confused and defiant against the Word.
  19. Batman

    Third temple

    I've always felt it was possible the 3rd temple was up or being built at the time of the rapture.