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  1. myeyeisonthesparrow

    Four Colombian children found alive in jungle weeks after plane crash

    This was an amazing story, Only God Almighty has the glory for this, think of this ya all "40" days in the jungle, He was diffidently taking care of these babies
  2. myeyeisonthesparrow

    Strange Deaths and Cattle Mutilations

    As offal as this is; this is not knew. I grew up in Colorado and it has happened for well over a 100 years or so in many different parts of our country and the world, same with the crop circles; and its not just cattle but horses, mules and other animals. It is sad, and it does make you wonder...
  3. myeyeisonthesparrow

    Netherlands widens euthanasia laws to include children under 12

    Beyond evil sick and demented. I am so sick and tired of these evil and sinister people/beings doing what they are doing :pray :nod for me this is the hardest thing to watch is the innocent ones, the elderly, babies, children. I (pray) the good Lord all the time; I just don't understand it...
  4. myeyeisonthesparrow

    Leak of classified information was deliberate criminal act, arrest made

    This was Treason, He knew exactly what he was doing!
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    Biden administration officials were involved in Mar-a-Lago raid despite claiming otherwise: report

    our government and country is out of control, this is just a roller coaster. It's just sheer craziness. :0_O :ohno:pray
  6. myeyeisonthesparrow

    America’s Suicidal Trajectory (Part 1 of 3)

    Interesting piece thanks for posting this. I am in totally agreement with you. As an American I love my country and want it to get better, improve and for people to change and things to tilt the other way, but in and of itself that is the problem. The problem is there is a deep seeded ingrained...
  7. myeyeisonthesparrow

    Report: Israel Police barring Jews from part of Old City of Jerusalem

    yes in total agreement mphsmom, that should not be banned from His own people :pray
  8. myeyeisonthesparrow

    Muslim world must unite against Israel, Erdogan says to Iran's Raisi

    These people are beyond belief, they are such fools, they are the apple of His eye, He will only tolerate this for a little while until He says enough is enough :pray :pray
  9. myeyeisonthesparrow

    Russian warship spotted in Saudi Arabian port

    Interesting: will see what else they are up to!
  10. myeyeisonthesparrow

    Republican Presidential Nominees?

    at this time in our Country, we need a very strong Godly leader, who is not afraid of these people who will do the right thing and knows right from wrong and wrong from right and will defend that. There has to be a shift in this country. People have forgotten where we came from, they have...
  11. myeyeisonthesparrow

    Train derails 25 cars in Montana, spilling unconfirmed contents

    This is simple out of control!!!! I do not believe this is just by accident, one maybe two every now and then but this many. Is someone trying to poison us throughout are country? :pray :ohno
  12. myeyeisonthesparrow

    “The Goal Was to Kill as Many People as Possible”: The Persecution of Christians, March 2020

    this simple is not right, poor babies. and the sad and tragic thing this happens alot more than people realize. :pray
  13. myeyeisonthesparrow

    "Professional Squatter" Racks Up $1300 Water Bill As Chicago Woman Fights To Kick Him Off Property

    I simple don't understand it, what happened to the breaking and entering LAWS don't they still apply????? I thought that was illegal to break and enter in someone's else's property? They really need to get a handle on this, because the way things are going in this country is you could leave to...
  14. myeyeisonthesparrow

    ‘Party of 3,000 Deaths’ Accuses Republicans of Being Okay With Murder

    any figure is too high, the loss of one life is too much, It is truly sad that people seem to think it is ok, and its not. People are afraid to go out in NY, Chicago, certain parts of LA, Detroit. Seattle, and lets not forget Portland. It simple should not be this way in our day and age...
  15. myeyeisonthesparrow

    Major Supermarket In UK Planning To Sell BUGS As Food To Help Poor People Through Winter

    Locust is one thing ( I trust that because the good Lord mentioneds it in the bible) but I refuse to eat a cockroach... They will make you sick, which I have heard that some countries want to add them to their cuisine; just plain gross. Nasty little creatures.
  16. myeyeisonthesparrow

    A Blueprint For a Genocide of Existence

    These people are beyond SICK :sad I don't know what I would do without my kids.. family is beautiful even through everything it is worth it. G-D knows exactly what He was doing. These people do not, all they know seek, kill and destroy everything they touch. It's beyond sad.
  17. myeyeisonthesparrow

    Giant blob of seaweed twice the width of US taking aim at Florida, scientists say

    let me tell you too it also stinks, I live here in Florida and sometime when we have them the winds blow and you can smell them. Not a good situtaion at all but we have never had quite as big ether??? :nurse:0_O:ohno
  18. myeyeisonthesparrow

    Jane Fonda suggests 'murder' to fight abortion laws in wild appearance on 'The View'

    This really bothered me, when I watched and really listened to what she was saying (on a news show after it aired) what is she Exactly talking about doing or is it multiple thing's. Is she talking about infant side??? or is she also talking about murdering all those who are prolife? Is it both...
  19. myeyeisonthesparrow

    China Can 'Take Out the Entire U.S.' This Way, Lawmaker Warns

    so if they would take it out, how long would it be to get it up and running if We were able to do so? I have heard if you had some replacement parts for some things (like old hand held radio, older vehicles, and so on) some things could be up and running again, but newer things would be fried.
  20. myeyeisonthesparrow

    Russia ‘massing 1,800 tanks, 700 aircraft & 500k men for new Ukraine assault in 10 DAYS’

    This doesn't surprise me the old Russia never died they were just hiding for a while, back to evil they did before. My grandparents, uncles, aunt, cousins, fled Russia in the early part of the 1900's they would go through whole villages, pillage rip it apart, and kill the villagers in any way...