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    Satanic Temple seeking religious exemptions to perform abortions... again

    They're at it again. This was in the headlines last year, but now that Roe vs Wade is possibly gonna be overturned, they are back in action.
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    New York Times publishes article: 'In This Time of War, I Propose We Give Up God'

    The New York Times decided to publish a guest essay heavily criticizing God on Good Friday and the start of Passover. Shalom Auslander composed a piece insisting that this Passover, we should stop paying attention to God:
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    Palm Springs, CA wants to trial a 2 yr universal income program exclusively for 20 transgender/gender neutral people

    Palm Springs' woke council votes in pilot scheme to pay 20 transgender residents up to $900-a-month for TWO years in universal basic income test - but even city's trans mayor thinks it's a waste of money...
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    Pope Francis oversees the building project for 'The Abrahamic Family House'
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    A church in San Diego is 'for sinners, by sinners'
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    Man hanging from American helicopter flown by Taliban

    Ah, ok. When searching to find info about the video, all I could find was the same story from different news outlets from various countries; US, UK, India, etc. I was Air Force, but refuled the aircraft, not get lowered down from them, lol.
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    Man hanging from American helicopter flown by Taliban

    My husband showed me this, this morning. There's several new outlets that have covered this story, but no one has specific information about who or why...
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    The great falling away is ramping up

    I have several friends who go to church occasional & call themselves Christians, but that's where it stops. My husband calls himself a Christian; he doesn't mind going to service, but mostly plays on his phone or gets up & walks around, wont pray or give thanks for anything (to him everything is...
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    The great falling away is ramping up

    More than 60% of born again Christians in America between the ages of 18 and 39 believe that Buddha, Muhammad and Jesus are all valid paths to salvation and over 30% say they either believe that Jesus sinned just like other people when He lived on Earth or aren’t sure, according to a new study...
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    Scotland decides 4 yr olds can choose their gender

    Scotland just decided that 4-year-olds can now choose their own gender at school without the consent of their parents This came popped up on my news outlet & I didn't believe it could be true, however, after a google search, it has been reported on countless media outlets. I'm not really sure...