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  1. Forgiven1

    Hey everyone, I'm back and I apologize for being away from the forum for such a long time.

    Hi Neonap, nice to see you back on the forum! Welcome back!
  2. Forgiven1

    Help in Marriage

    Hi LetsFly, welcome to the forum! I don't have advice to give but I'm praying for you & your marriage
  3. Forgiven1

    Good Evening All!

    Welcome, FindingJoy, from a fellow Canadian!
  4. Forgiven1

    I turned 50 on July 14

    Happy birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day!
  5. Forgiven1

    How does a believer fall away, 2 Thess/apostasia question

    This is a tough one. I have a 19 year old daughter who accepted Christ at age 9, and I did see a change in her at the time. Now she had fallen away, very worldly, no interest in things of God. Was she never saved? Is she saved but living in disobedience? I wish I knew.
  6. Forgiven1

    New here

    Welcome to RF!!
  7. Forgiven1

    A Mother’s Love

    This is beautiful Abed_Nego, thank you!
  8. Forgiven1

    Hello. New to this forum.

    Hi Rella, welcome to the forums!
  9. Forgiven1

    Poll=Favorite Gospel Songs?

    Great thread! Wonderful Grace of Jesus is a personal favourite.
  10. Forgiven1

    UN Child Rapists Urge Legalizing Sex With Adolescents

    The cup of God's wrath must be nearly full. This world is so sick. Come Lord Jesus!
  11. Forgiven1

    Charles Stanley died

    I feel so sad to hear that Charles Stanley had passed away. His preaching played a big role in my spiritual growth when I was first saved.
  12. Forgiven1

    Happy Resurrection Day

    He is risen!! Hallelujah!
  13. Forgiven1

    Good evening everyone

    Welcome to RF, Erin 2015!
  14. Forgiven1

    Do narcissists ever repent?

    Thanks for that reminder, ItisFinished. Sometimes I lose hope that my Dad, who is a narcissist can/will be reached by the Lord.
  15. Forgiven1

    Do narcissists ever repent?

    Yes, absolutely, however a person must humble themselves to accept God's gift of salvation. That's where the problem is for the narcissist.
  16. Forgiven1

    Happy Birthday, HisGloryIsPrecious

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday!!
  17. Forgiven1

    Overcoming Your Fear of Witnessing for Christ

    I have difficulty witnessing as well. I do however, leave tracts around in different places.
  18. Forgiven1

    Happy Birthday, yeshua'sbride

    Happy birthday, Therese! I hope you enjoyed a very special day!