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    Kentucky teacher suspended after student dresses in KKK clothing for history project

    Somehow, there are always some, but not all, university educated people who enter the field of education who go brain dead when they move into positions of power. I can say this having taught in public education for 30 years. If it is good and makes sense logically, then it is to be discarded...
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    Former Russian diplomat: Putin has already lost the war

    For those who don't remember their history, Russia already had their Afghanistan in Afghanistan. Russia tried to conquer Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989. This is a little different. I think Putin has genocide in mind. The Ukrainian people are Ukrainian and not Russian. Putin wishes to wipe them...
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    Suspected UFO shot down over Russia's Rostov Oblast - report

    Underneath Antarctica. There is an extreme amount of FAVOT sightings in this area. Once in a blue moon the FAVOT must come in for an oil, lube, and filter.
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    Suspected UFO shot down over Russia's Rostov Oblast - report

    I have renamed UFO's. I call them FAVOT's. Fallen Angel Vehicles Of Transport. A fallen angel can not be in more than one place at any moment in time, and thus needs a vehicle to transport themselves quickly from one place to another. Once they appear in our realm of existence, they subjugate...
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    Ukraine says Russian forces stole art and animals as they fled Kherson

    My guess for the reason of stealing live animals from Kherson is to use these as a food source during the winter months. The Russian troops know they can not depend on their own leadership to supply them with what is needed to fight a war. Food, as well as other supplies, have been scarce for an...
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    Surprise! They found Tyre under water.

    I thought that the city of Tyre was located in Lebanon, just 12 miles north of the Israel-Lebanon border. There once was an island off shore, but it was linked to the mainland by a causeway. It makes much more logical sense to be in the somewhat immediate area of Israel, rather than 2300 miles...
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    Explosions heard in Kyiv, Kharkiv as Putin announces military operation in Ukraine

    Just pointing out that the United States (under William Jefferson Clinton), the UK, and Russia guaranteed the security of Ukraine if they would agree to get rid of 1900 nuclear warheads that were left in Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union. Had Ukraine held onto those nuclear warheads...
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    Russia's Lavrov questions Ukraine's right to sovereignty

    We need to pray fervently for the country of Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. There are many Christians that believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They too are awaiting the rapture and know that end-times prophecies must come to fruition. We need to pray that God's grace cover all the...
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    Embarrassed by the WH website and the president.

    You are correct. Those who voted for Biden are ethically blind, morally blind, and spiritually blind. The world can't wait to accept the Antichrist, who will save them from all their problems.
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    The depravity of this new fake administration

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.