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    Dispensational Study Bible

    Thank you Phil.
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    Dispensational Study Bible

    Thank you Adrian.
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    Dispensational Study Bible

    Don’t get me wrong, I really like this Bible and his notes. I guess I just want to learn with the Holy Spirit guiding me. I also have a Scofield KJV. Do you know whether or not he was a Calvinist ? I have read that he was and that concerns me.
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    Dispensational Study Bible

    I totally agree with you Adrian. I have an NASB Study Bible by Charles Ryrie and while I agree with most of his notes, I am beginning to feel that I need to let the Holy Spirit teach me.
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    The Lamp of Life

    My husband retired in 2017. Since then every day we pray and read the Bible together. It has been a blessing!
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    I'm not 100% in...

    Praying for you Dan!
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    Do You Feel Stupid?

    So funny!
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    Tragedy Compounded

    Unless a person goes through severe depression, they can’t possibly understand. I haven’t been through the same thing that you have, but I know all about severe depression. Praying for you Mary!
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    Two Friends Just Died, But I Am Not Sad

    Walter, you had such wonderful friends. Thank you for telling us about them!
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    Part 36 - Soteriology with Pastor Woods

    It's strange about being the way I am. You would think I would do better listening. I am like a child, I get so distracted with the things going on around me I can't concentrate. Thank you so much for the book recommendation. I think I will put it on my Christmas list!
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    McCain to Trump: Don't trust Putin

    Please don't do that Lily! I'm terribly sorry if I hurt your feelings!
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    McCain to Trump: Don't trust Putin

    Thank you Andy! You are very kind.
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    McCain to Trump: Don't trust Putin

    Thank you Almost Heaven! You are very kind!