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  1. TheRedeemed

    What are you NOT afraid of???

    It might count as that is brave but, it may also scare the rest of the pub though!
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    Is the word "trinity" in the Bible? No. But the doctrine is.

    First John 5:7 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one . I think this is very near to declaring the trinity in scripture. :hat
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    Welcome Home!!!

    Oh how I missed being here every day. So glad to be back and have you all back too. Let’s hope as Chris has requested that everyone (including myself of course) observes the rules and behaves themselves, this makes Chris’ job that much easier. @Chris thank you for coming back, and I will pray...
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    UK emergency alert test.

    Well I wouldn't much fancy that going off at 3am some day! I suppose these are the times we live in and we cannot stay behind and live like the past. Maybe this will be a good thing and may save your life or multiple lives one day, or surely not, that a govt would use a system like this to...
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    UK emergency alert test.

    I await with baited breath!
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    A I

    Yes of course, the plans of mice and men! God laughs at the plans of man, and I agree we'll be out of here before Turing's test is satisfied, I hope. I am getting on in life these days too, so like everyone here, I do wish the Lord wouldn't tarry and save me from the clutches of my impending...
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    A I

    I notice I referred to the chat bot as chat-gtp a lot, when in fact is it chat-gpt. In fairness to me I rarely look down when typing, I was using an iPad with an iPencil to type on a virtual keyboard, which auto corrects most things I type, and it was 4am here when I was doing so. Apologies for...
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    A I

    The Turing test essentially would prove ‘sentience’ in other words real time, real life thinking by the machine without any pre-programming by humans. This is what most non-IT professionals think or believe is what we have already, that probably includes a fair few pastors too. Pre-programming...
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    San Francisco School Officials Consider Adding Muslim Celebration of Eid to List of Holidays

    This is the very thin edge of a very big and fat wedge. I am sore tired of Western libtards and wokeness. Just say no
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    A I

    Oh yeah, these days it would be very convincing to people who don’t fully understand the technology to be persuaded that the piece of AI they just had an encounter with was a fellow human. That is the very crux of the matter in fact for the industry, that they can hide the fact that AI is...
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    A I

    Well I’m not sure about the mark, we know there are lots of ideas and opinions on that out there! I would venture to say probably not, this kind of tech would be the kind of backend data management side to track everyone who did take the mark.
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    A I

    Most folks today would accept it was passed, but the Turing test is explicitly for having a one to one or even a one (AI) to many speech conversation (human) with the AI. This is an area that AI struggles with as I alluded to and due to context and language vagaries, in 50 years time it will...
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    A I

    As a man who writes AI for a living. Remember AI is defined as a set of instructions (code) written by a human for the processor and logic unit to execute, and that’s all it is. Computers are as dumb as any other man made machine, but computers in comparison to a washing machine or microwave...
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    Nicola Sturgeon stands down

    It's very strange for she stated only a few days before that she wasn't thinking of going. Yesterday's hastily arranged press conference, caught the press, the govt's both in Scotland and the UK, her party and the public off guard. Some of the journalists there were still unpacking their mics...
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    Nicola Sturgeon stands down

    Scottish First Minster and SNP leader today announced her intention to stand down after 8 years in the job. She was the U.K’s longest serving leader and has overseen the SNP‘s phenomenal rise to power in Scotland and at Westminster. Her party failed to secure another independence referendum...
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    Say it in one sentence.

    I am saved! Praise the Lord! :bouncies
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    Noah COULD have floated his boat, say scientists: Ark really could have coped with two of every anim

    Even if there were a hole in the hull, it would still have floated and saved the 8 humans and all the animals aboard. This was an act of God, but I am glad that a university of all places is concurring that it would have been possible to do this, given the information they have about the ark...
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    Some winter views of Scotland Back today with some more pictures of Scotland in a week when the daytime temperatures were around -10C to -17C. I hope you like these ones today ;)
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    The top 500 World biggest Supercomputers run what Operating System?

    Windows and Mac O/S don't have licenses for mission critical systems that get run on mainframes and supercomputers and are not allowed to be used for infrastructure projects such as govt, transport, health systems etc., because they're more geared to consumer products and non critical software...
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    How do you pass the time before the Rapture?

    Yeah because it’s true. :) I’ve heard pastors saying that the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.