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  1. madcat

    Whoopi Goldberg scolds people to stop talking about Hillary, Biden on classified docs: 'Don't want to hear’ it

    Whoopi is so far gone on the liberal scale. She has been abrasive and rude since being on the View (which I may have watched a dozen times when Barbara Walters was host). I seriously doubt they have much of an audience of people who can actually process information.
  2. madcat

    With eye on China, US and five allies condemn trade-related 'economic coercion'

    I just read that this am. And NOBODY is even going to pretend to protest. When some Venezuelans now say they have a better life there today, than many have in the US. - we are close to “going under”.
  3. madcat

    Boris Johnson resigns.

    Is this a “witch hunt” by corrupt people like our EVIL government, to try to take out someone who is trying to do the right thing? Or is this person also corrupt? These days the people in power all over the world are trying to “eliminate“ their “competition“.
  4. madcat

    Boris Johnson resigns.

    Thanks for the explanation. No matter what part of the world, it’s the “same old, same old” corruption and love of power.
  5. madcat

    House Speaker McCarthy: Trump indictment will disrupt the nation

    I would just as soon have all the memories of corruption erased. However, I assume we will be privy to the same rebellion of some people during the millennium, but we will see things through “different eyes” ?
  6. madcat

    With eye on China, US and five allies condemn trade-related 'economic coercion'

    China “owns” so much of our government, as well as up to their eyeballs in the Wuhan lab fiasco. I‘m sure they have plans in case they need to “choke” any opposition to their monopoly.
  7. madcat

    Boris Johnson resigns.

    In response to the last part of the post “he is preparing himself for what might be next”.
  8. madcat

    Boris Johnson resigns.

    Which would most likely be what? :idunno :idunno
  9. madcat

    Poll: Gantz continues to strengthen

    Not again!!! Just constant upheaval and unrest.
  10. madcat

    US to Iran: You will pay a heavy price if 90% uranium enrichment continues

    :ahaha :ahaha :ahaha :ahaha :ahaha :scoregood :ahaha:ahaha:ahaha:ahaha:ahaha
  11. madcat

    Boris Johnson resigns.

    Now what (who)? I can‘t imagine his replacement will be someone with the people’s best interest at heart. :idunno
  12. madcat

    House Speaker McCarthy: Trump indictment will disrupt the nation

    My guess is that there is SO MUCH blackmailing going on in Congress, only those willing to literally kill to get their way, will succeed. Remember Seth Rich, and many others who died mysteriously? Satan has control of our “gubmint” and most are willingly in his pocket.
  13. madcat

    Taylor Greene Says Biden ‘Must Be Prosecuted’ After Reading FBI Document

    Blah, blah, blah. MTG has aligned herself with McCarthy since his “election” as House speaker (and most likely before). Probably 90% of the GOP (RINOS) don’t have the guts to go against the establishment, so once again it’s window dressing and rhetoric. Our country is on basic life support...
  14. madcat

    House Speaker McCarthy: Trump indictment will disrupt the nation

    McCarthy and his cabal ensuring “justice”? You mean sort of like the wonderful deal they made on the debt ceiling, the despicable treatment of the J 6 prisoners and the footage that has NOT been released, allowing Fauci and that group destroy a nation and the people, doing NOTHING to fight a...
  15. madcat

    Special Counsel Jack Smith: US laws apply to everyone

    In light of the 2020 STEAL, what are they afraid of? They, the cabal, control the “vote”, and have been for a long time. Why would they be so freaked out about Trump running again, when they have the keys to the castle. Maybe a colossal uprising by the citizens when they INSTALL their choice...
  16. madcat

    Biden laughs and smirks as the press is ushered out of the Oval Office without questions

    What a disgrace to this country. Pride goeth before a fall————
  17. madcat

    We Are Losing the Transgender Battle

    Dear Jesus, please come quickly to save the huge number of children, babies, and the unborn, that are going to killed, mutilated, and have their little minds so confused, they will grow up to reject You (assuming they even live that long). They can’t pick their parents, and so many are allowing...
  18. madcat

    Poll: Two-thirds of Americans believe Biden too old for 2nd term

    I don’t think it’s any secret Obama and his cabal are at the helm. He said he would be satisfied to serve a 3rd term “remotely”, and even many of Biden’s cabinet have stated “president Obama” in on-camera press releases/interviews. Susan Rice is another likely player, as well as the whole...
  19. madcat

    Men Can Have Children?

    They don’t even need to go to all that “trouble”. The ability to “grow designer babies” in artificial cocoons is already in the works. All they need is a piece of DNA to “create” another human clone of them. “End times stuff” for sure.
  20. madcat

    Artificial Intelligence – Locked and Loaded

    That’s not a far-fetched idea. Remember back even 10+ yrs. go when people were “marrying” blow-up life-sized “partners”?