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    Is God's justice really perfect?

    Thank you!
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    Is God's justice really perfect?

    I wrote my response and thanks in the wrong place. Please refer to my reply to my first post. :oops:oops
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    Is God's justice really perfect?

    Thank you all for your replies. You have given me a great deal to think about. I appreciate the different perspectives. Yes, I am a female. The pain caused by my ex-husband is still ongoing, due to his manipulation of our children. They no longer communicate with me and are blind to the truth...
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    Trump: I Won't Pick Pence in '24

    Good! Pence is a spineless RINO.
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    Pence may not back Trump in 2024: ‘There might be somebody else I prefer more’

    Pence may be a Christian, but he was a spineless governor for Indiana and a spineless V.P. I do not care what he says. BTW, I am from Indiana. Pence was too spineless to support religious rights here.
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    Is God's justice really perfect?

    A thought has occurred to me recently: that a ex-spouse who has on multiple times caused me severe hurt, and turned family members against me permanently, though manipulation, although I was trying to do the right thing, Biblically. Now the ex supposedly follows Jesus and attends church. This...
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    Days of Offense

    More than ever, as I read the news, see what people are saying and doing, I feel like I have fallen into the Twilight Zone! Or into an insane asylum. People seeking to be offended. People still supporting/voting for those who are killing this country. People who provide money and support to...
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    Sometimes feeling discouraged and weary.

    I enjoy reading the posts here. I often find them encouraging and uplifting. But lately it has been difficult to keep my hopes up for the Rapture occurring soon. Thoughts pop in my head like, "it took God nearly 200 years before He rescued the Jews in Egypt", etc. Does anyone else have this...
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    Now is the Time!!

    Thank you for mentioning Skywatch! I did not know about that channel.
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    Strength for End-Times Living

    Truly, we need to encourage each other as the evil spreads. I am horrified at the no limits abortion laws being passed, some of which supports the killing of infants! And how the minds of children are being poisoned in the schools and popular culture. I do get discouraged and sickened by our...
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    Joe Biden Gets Electoral Win

    In 2016, Mr. Trump's win seemed like an intervention from God. Perhaps, giving America one last chance to repent and turn back to God. Obviously, the opposite has happened and our society has grown even worse. I am wondering if God has lifted His entire hedge of protection from America now...
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    Joe Biden Gets Electoral Win

    Perhaps it is because you see the long term, larger view of this and know that it will effect Australia as well as most of the world eventually. It will embolden those whose despise Christians. But also taking the long view, perhaps, this is the acceleration of things leading to the Rapture...