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  1. NavyMom

    Coming wars

    Pastor Andy Woods posted a Q&A video today saying he feels Psalm 83 is not a war, but instead an “imprecatory prayer”.
  2. NavyMom

    Hey Chris! Thanks for bringing the forums back.

    Yes!!! I keep the RF tab open on my computer and tablet at all times. For the past few days, I would hit "refresh" every day just to see. I feel like I hit the jackpot yesterday! I ran to my husband to tell him everything was up and running, with happy tears streaming down my face! Our Pastor...
  3. NavyMom

    Hey Chris! Thanks for bringing the forums back.

    I was left with a feeling of panic after we were shut down. And then, another prayer was answered… the forums are back up!
  4. NavyMom

    Reasons Ezek 38-39 comes before Tribulation

    LOVE this thread! And like someone else said, I cannot contribute, but I am enjoying reading and learning.
  5. NavyMom

    Nashville Christian school shooting

    Jesus, please come soon! In the meantime, let teachers carry!
  6. NavyMom

    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    We are in an Enhanced Risk for severe weather today/tonight and have a rare High Wind Warning in place. Winds are expected to be in the hurricane force speeds, independent from the storms.
  7. NavyMom

    Trump suggests US threaten Putin with nuclear submarine patrols

    Nooooo!!! This is one of those times where The Donald needs to hush!
  8. NavyMom

    Pope Francis to consecrate Russia

    What a BEAUTIFUL testimony!!
  9. NavyMom

    Texas to restart the border wall rebuild in their state

    It’s been years since we ate at The Magic Time Machine! I think we went for my son’s 14 birthday. He will be 26 in July. Lol.
  10. NavyMom

    Texas to restart the border wall rebuild in their state

    Dallas born and raised for 33 years, until my husband was transferred to the Baton Rouge area in 2012!
  11. NavyMom

    Russian space agency chief threatens to leave U.S. astronaut on space station

    That’s just scary! Surely NASA will find a way to get him out of there, right?
  12. NavyMom

    I never knew you

    I have no doubt demons are real. I guess I should have said that I had a hard time believing them to be the way they are in the movies; levitating, throwing themselves around, turning their heads backward after they indwell a human, etc.
  13. NavyMom

    I never knew you

    Thank you for posting this question!!! It is a verse that has always scared me.
  14. NavyMom

    I never knew you

    I have always had a hard time believing this stuff to be true. People have really been possessed by demons in that manner? Exorcisms are real? I am being completely genuine in my lack of knowledge.
  15. NavyMom

    AP Sources: Biden to Issue Executive Order on Cryptocurrency

    This is very disturbing and it has me feeling a bit frazzled.
  16. NavyMom

    King Cake

    How neat! I wonder which bakery she sent it from? We like cakes from Ambrosia, but there are so many others. King Cakes are literally everywhere. And Boudin King Cakes... YUM!
  17. NavyMom

    Blessed Ash Wednesday and Lent Poll: Are You Getting Ashes?

    I am in SELA, where RCC is the predominant religion. I had a Drs appt yesterday. When my dr walked into the exam room, she had an ash cross smudged across her forehead.