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    Ukranian Pipeline Explodes

    * This was NOT a suitable source for Rapture Forums. Please don't use this site in the future. Thank you. * New source: Donetsk, Ukraine explosion raises fears of ‘false flag,’ Russian invasion By Callie Patteson February 18, 2022 A reported explosion in eastern Ukraine that set part of a...
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    Gas prices in your area?

    Time to invest in some hay burners... :horsepoop
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    Exclusive: DHS warns that trucker protests in U.S. could begin on Super Bowl Sunday

    This is so short-sighted. What does he plan to do when there are no more truckers to deliver the "good life"? He does realize that the food that he is so fond of eating three meals a day comes from those no-good awful farmers that he despises delivered by the the trucks he's fixin' to steal, right?
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    Countdown to National Bankruptcy

    All I can think of is that this might be one of the reasons why Biden is pushing so hard for a war.
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    Exclusive: DHS warns that trucker protests in U.S. could begin on Super Bowl Sunday

    It has turned violent in France: Remain in prayer for our own patriots and others who love freedom around the world.
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    Prices Already Rising

    I looked up good sources of heme-iron, and it looks like (besides beef) chicken livers, mussels and oysters are all good sources. Non-heme sources, which aren't absorbed by the body as well, include beans and pumpkin seeds. Just some ideas.
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    316 around the globe

    Likewise. I really mostly only edited my posts for grammar and clarification purposes. I miss being able to do it whenever I notice a mistake. They happen so often.
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    Do Not Worry About Daily Provision even NOW!!!!

    I feel like God told me to stockpile, so I stockpiled. I didn't know how much to get or when to stop. Just around last Thanksgiving, the order came in to save. No more stockpiling, just maintaining necessities and save every penny I can. I don't know what the future holds or why specifically...
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    Havana syndrome could be caused by electromagnetic energy pulses targeting US diplomats

    I still wouldn't want to have to do basic training in the US. It may not be long until all the military has gone soft but I don't think we're fully there, yet.
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    Republicans push Cardona on reports of 12-year-old's suicide attempt following secret school gender talks

    I don't understand why parents are even sending their kids to public indoctrination centers (schools.) There really is no excuse. There are too many options for an relatively inexpensive education. We've gotten used to allowing others to raise our children. So many other options. I think the...
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    Unbelievable pay rate for Registered Nurses in my area

    I'm not saying that nurses don't deserve that pay. Not at all. No one should be treated that way. I was a CNA for a brief time, to see if going into medicine was for me. (It wasn't.) But this is going to have a ripple effect that puts the price of basic medical care out of reach for the...
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    Behold A Black Horse

    (Without getting into the gold standard) As simply as I can describe it: when there is more of something, it is worth less. If all the farmers in a country grow corn and nothing else, corn would be the cheapest thing in that country to buy and everything else would be rare and costly. The same...
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    Florida chill has iguanas falling from trees, officials warn

    Yeah. It's not really a laughing matter, but I just got this mental image in my head and I can't stop chuckling to myself as I imagine them dropping. Thud. Thud. Seriously, though, poor things.
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    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    The Chinese would agree with you. Chinese new year is literally translated from Chinese as the "Spring holiday" and the month leading up to it is spent cleaning everything, top to bottom. Spring cleaning. Chinese New Year was yesterday, so you're actually a little behind on your spring cleaning...
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    Report: Critics Sound Alarm on IRS Move to Use Facial Recognition Tech

    Good. They got caught early enough, and backpedalled.
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    Ukraine official says in call with Zelensky, Biden told him to ‘prepare for impact’

    I like kitties. :catball Let's go with this instead: :snake You know, like his father, the devil.
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    Blessing food

    Interesting question. Most of the Bible verses that talk about giving thanks before breaking bread (both in context of communion and just common meals) but as for actually blessing the food that is eaten, I found this one from the OT: Exodus 23:25 And ye shall serve the LORD your God, and he...
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    Possibility of WWIII

    Thank you. You put into words what I've been feeling must happen. Wars and rumors of wars, indeed! Look up brothers and sisters!
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    Poll: Biden approval hits new low

    Not sure where I read (it could have been here at RF) but someone joked that at this rate, the rate of inflation will actually be higher than the Presidential approval ratings.
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    Report: Biden admin considering evacuating Americans from Ukraine

    Any Americans in Ukraine had better get themselves out, post-haste. When Biden finally decides to evacuate, Putin will have already had posession of the Ukraine for weeks, if not months.