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  1. Ducati

    True Moto Sport...non 4 wheel.

    Any watchers of MotoGp, SBK, or MotoAmerica ? The real Road Racing, not this Nascar 4 wheel stuff. :console (Forgive my lack of response time due to no access to my computer during the week. I wish Rapture Forum had a mobile app. Not Tapatalk. ) :tapping
  2. Ducati

    Best Bible Commentaries:

    What is a "commercial link" ? All these references to Ministries and Ministers with published Commentaries and I post a link to one I recommend and it gets removed due to violating "forum rules" ? :smack :noidea2
  3. Ducati

    When Sharing the Gospel With Someone, How Would You Respond to This One Common Excuse They Give?

    Man is always looking for that quick fix..."something that works". Drugs and alcohol are usually that fix but we always end up broken(er). :puke I've been told the same thing 100 times - my response is always "its not gonna work without faith". Lost man must come to the end of themselves to...
  4. Ducati

    Bible Translations

    God doesn't need a Bible in order for man to be any language. We need to remember, there was no Bible in the days of Abraham...and no English Bible prior to 1611. Man has always gotten "saved" the same way......The Cross. Gen. 15:6
  5. Ducati

    Childless Adults.......cursed ?

    My wife and I have been married 19 years and we never had children. Both never had kids or past marriages. I had been single most of my 20's and well into my 30's simply because I didn't want to date someone with kids OR ex-husbands - every date was a possible mate so I was very particular...
  6. Ducati

    What makes a....."man" ?

    I appreciate everyone's posts and prays. Men up soldiers. :ni
  7. Ducati


    I've had Jewish Orthodox folk tell me that its all of us that claim Jesus as our Lord and Savior, ie; Christendom Church world as a whole. We think we know Him but only know His name.....therefore He never knew us. :smack
  8. Ducati

    Is common sense a Biblical concept?

    "Common sense" is just that.....common sense. I think braking things down to much makes them more complicated. Its not a "Biblical" thing or not. Learned behavior is one thing and has nothing to do with common sense. Some folk are just clueless in things that are just....common sense. Its not...
  9. Ducati

    How Should We Disagree?

    I just throw them the middle finger. :smack Just kidding. :ahaha:monkeydance:roflmao:smack2
  10. Ducati

    Are you a morning person?

    Yes , 3am to go to work. :snoopy
  11. Ducati

    How can you believe in a God that wants to send most of the world to Hell?

    Aaron Rodgers worships the Lombardi Trophy. He's mad because hes not the Steelers QB. :mope
  12. Ducati

    How can you believe in a God that wants to send most of the world to Hell?

    Bingo bango Jimmy Jung Jango - aka EXACTLY. :wooo
  13. Ducati

    Have You Read the Bible?

    Maybe 60% of it. :smack
  14. Ducati

    Abortion (When Does Life Begin)

    Life begins in the mind of God.....before you enter the womb. :wooo
  15. Ducati

    Which Bible Translation and Specific Bible(s) Do You Use/Prefer?

    Expositors Study Bible........PERIOD. :book
  16. Ducati

    Will NASCAR be next

    Hope so. :heythere
  17. Ducati

    Help!! Bible verse about knowing the season

    2 Timothy 3 : 1 -7 :book
  18. Ducati

    Help!! Bible verse about knowing the season

    Romans 1:20-32... pretty much sums up the age we live in now. Although there is "nothing new under the sun" ,we have been living in the "end times" for 2000 years, the only thing we can really look at today is the level of the lawlessness of mankind and the severity and frequency of things...
  19. Ducati

    Stimulus check-What are the requirements?

    George H. W. Bush did a stimulus hand out. I remember around $600 per person. They can't hide. :mafia
  20. Ducati

    Daytona 500

    Yeah...not a big fan of anything here in Daytona except the weather. But I'm here and not up north at least. :sunny