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  1. Tony Trout

    Trump wants to use the military to pay for his wall:Report

    This is one reason I don't visit here much - too political/too Republican-friendly. Thanks for ruining my day with your vitriolic comment about Dems (of which I am one and a comment that I do not agree with).
  2. Tony Trout


    Well, I meant that I would probably get some backlash for agreeing that there are some Christians who have taken their own life but.....they're in Heaven right now as we speak. That was what I was referring to.
  3. Tony Trout


    I may get flamed for this but.....I agree with you, Andy. The Word says that the only unforgivable sin is blaspheme against the Holy Ghost.
  4. Tony Trout

    Charles Manson DEAD at 83

    Manson didn't care one way or another about whether he would end up in Hell or Heaven (at least by all of the interviews I've seen and books I've read) so.....I have a feeling that Hell was waiting for him with open arms and that he's there with Hitler, Hussein, Stalin, Lenin, Pol-Pot, Jim...
  5. Tony Trout

    "You Will Be Known As You Are Known" Confusion

    Thanks, everyone, for your replies. My apologies for mis-quoting the verse. :oops
  6. Tony Trout

    "You Will Be Known As You Are Known" Confusion

    I can't quote the exact scripture but I grew up in church nearly all of my life and I've always heard from other Christians that when we get to Heaven that "we'll be known as we're known".....can someone simply explain what that means or will mean when we get to Heaven?? I'm just a wee bit...
  7. Tony Trout

    Las Vegas shooting

    Ok, answer me this: In one of the photos of the gunman's hotel room that I showed to my Mom, we saw what appeared to be a huge camouflage padded gun case/gun locker. Is the camouflage case/gun holder the way he accomplished getting that many guns into his room???
  8. Tony Trout

    The earth is flat???

    The Earth is round. Your sister is deceived/wrong. All Flat-Earth'ers are wrong.
  9. Tony Trout

    The Rapture likely won't happen September 23 2017 (and why YT vlogger prophets need to...

    As usual, I wind up ignoring the type of people who have been mentioned in this thread such as Harold Camping and the others who have made false "rapture" time predictions. The word "rapture", itself, isn't even found in the bible but it's meaning is the same (i.e.: to be "caught up")...
  10. Tony Trout

    It Should Be Expected

    Great article, Chris. Thanks!
  11. Tony Trout

    The Tragic Story of Charlie Gard

    This story is so tragic!! Government sticking its nose where it doesn't belong, IMO - in a family's personal fight for their child to live. That's just my opinion - nothing more. I was born with Cerebral Palsy & Hydrocephalus and possible brain damage and the doctors said I wouldn't live -...
  12. Tony Trout

    10 Month Old Baby Sentenced To Die: This Is Socialized Medicine

    '' Kallah, Thank you for saying what I was thinking (mostly). I've only been following this recently and the case absolutely is heartbreaking!!! I wonder what the lawmakers in Britain would think if their child was in the same situation?? Would they not be asking for someone to help...
  13. Tony Trout

    Life On Earth In The Millennium

    Thank you for the explanation. I kinda figured it was a simple explanation. :) Seriously, though, thank you. Praise the Lord that sin will be totally erased!
  14. Tony Trout

    Life On Earth In The Millennium

    While I agree wholeheartedly with ALL that has been said here, I have a question that is nagging me regarding the statement "the last thing to be put under His feet is death." My question is: Did not Jesus already defeat death and Hell when He was crucified on the cross and went to Hell and...
  15. Tony Trout

    Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

    Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms here!!!
  16. Tony Trout

    Back to NASCAR

    *raises hands high* I was most definitely surprised that Dale, Jr. is retiring after this season - although, I'll be honest and say that I stopped watching NASCAR after Dale Sr. was killed during the last lap of the Daytona 500 in 2001. I never, ever expected Dale to die in that accident - no...
  17. Tony Trout

    Walk with an Archaeologist (2015)

    I absolutely love watching videos relating to Jerusalem and Biblical times!! Thank you so much for posting this!!
  18. Tony Trout

    Jesus' Suffering and Crucifixion From a Medical Point of View

    If you've asked Christ to be your Lord & Savior, your sins are forgiven. Past, present & future sins, I believe. But, as someone said earlier, Christ taking our place and dying on the cross (and rising from the dead) doesn't give us a "free ticket" to sin daily and do as we please. Christ...
  19. Tony Trout

    Jesus' Suffering and Crucifixion From a Medical Point of View

    *right-click*....*highlight*....*save* I've also read other "medical" descriptions of the crucifiction but none that were as in-depth as this one!!! It truly was "Amazing Love" that kept Christ on the cross.