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    How Did a Seismologist Predict the Turkey Earthquake 3 Days Earlier?

    Not sure if ok to post, but I watch a guy from Missouri on YouTube who has figured out how earthquakes follow a wave pattern over fault lines. He has videos going back from Japan's big one in 2011. His name is DutchSinse (not sure if last name is spelled right. He is very interesting how he...
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    “The Chosen” Fiction

    I have not watched any of the series. My husband saw some of the series when visiting his sister. He thought it was ok. I appreciate this information for us to discuss. We don't have Netflix so we won't be watching anyway. But as a retired RN I can say that I can't watch any medical shows...
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    Catholic Churches Merging - Ohio

    Hi NewWine2020, I live down the street from Northridge - now Scottsdale Bible. I have heard they are interested in "merging" with other churches, in the northwest part of Phoenix. My hubby and I were in need of a new church this last fall and we were checking places out. I am just not excited...
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    A new brand at the grocery and target. Called Native. Has only 10 ingredients. No chemicals. Shampoos have a lot of bad chemicals and can be absorbed via the rich blood supply in your scalp. Nice that it is only 8.99 for a big bottle. Also makes a separate body wash. If you see the...
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    Biden admin dumps Alaska oil drilling project started under Trump that was slated to create thousands of jobs

    I think Biden is a puppet and only believes what his handlers tell him. I don’t think he has a clue about any of it.
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    My Dog Died

    So sorry for your loss. I have a lot of dogs. Kind of the crazy dog lady. Currently have 12, 8 of mine and 4 fosters. As someone mentioned, they will never replace your dog, but as someone with a couple of scared and skittish street dogs, they can be very rewarding. The ones i have have been...
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    The Danger of Mandating ESG Disclosures

    Link no longer works. :book:(
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    Casting Out Congressional Demons

    Problem is as fast as they are cast out, new ones come flooding in.... needs repeated hourly. government is full of evil. Keep our eyes on Christ
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    Southern Baptists: Supreme Court is not final authority on gay marriage

    Our pastor and my husband (an elder at church) went to dinner tonight after a church meeting, they discussed planning their prison ministry.....
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    Glenn Beck Prediction on Churches and Gay Marriage

    I do watch Glenn Beck and I enjoy the research and educational information he brings out. I don't watch him for my biblical education. I watch other shows like Hannity who is catholic - don't listen to his take on the Bible either. I watch very little TV at all, but I do enjoy his radio show and...
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    another newbie

    Thanks everyone. As I read the headlines, it can't be long till we all meet face to face.....
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    Evil and Confusion in the White House

    A tree is known by it's fruit. Rotten fruit.... hmm that means???
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    another newbie

    Greetings from Sunny Arizona, I am a nurse who was brought up in a Christian home, rebelled for a few years and with my own health issues came back to find God. Now very involved in our E-Free Church and waiting for the return in the clouds of our glorious Savior as I watch the world circle the...
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    Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

    My hospital strongly encourages staff to participate. In fact was listed on my annual evaluation. I told my boss I have a religious objection to this. She is RC and has no idea why. I believe it to be like yoga, opening yourself to evil or non-Godly influences. I can see that you need to pay...