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    How did you first hear of the Rapture? ❤

    Go out to the parking lot And you get in your car and drive real far And drive all night and then you see a light And it comes right down and it lands on the ground And out comes a man from Mars And you try to run but he's got a gun And he shoots you dead and he eats your head And then you're in...
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    How did you first hear of the Rapture? ❤

    I grew up in rural Georgia. I attended a Southern Baptist church. My mom and dad were believers, but they did not really go to church. They were super young. The church would send a bus around to pick up all the kids whose parents did not attend. My sister and I went every Sunday. I was saved...
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    Elon Musk to buy Twitter for $44 billion

    I love Pepsodent. ♥️
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    Biden to announce ban on US imports of Russian oil

    I definitely agree about the leasing thing. The only reason I leased was because the batteries were so new to the market (again, this was in 2014) and it was a way for me to "test" whether I wanted to keep the car long-term or not. I loved the car so much that I was fully planning to buy out the...
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    Biden to announce ban on US imports of Russian oil

    Back in 2014, I leased a Nissan Leaf. I really liked the car. A LOT. I would plug it in the normal wall plug in my garage at night. It would fully charge by morning. I could get about 100 miles in one charge. Most of the time - that was perfect. There were some days when I had to run a lot of...
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    President Biden will campaign for California Gov. Newsom

    I saw news reports last night of numerous people stating that when they arrived at the polling stations to vote, they were told they had already voted. Please dear Lord let the cheating be revealed this time!!!
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    Any "New" Rapture Nearness Indicators?

    I agree with this. I think of this every time I see an Onstar commercial. Especially when they show them unlocking car doors and such through the technology. In the beast kingdom, they can use technology like this to not only track every person in the world. But once the Mark is required, they...
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    Furious Parents Attend California School Board Meeting Where Radical Antifa Teacher is Set to be Fired After Project Veritas Exposé

    That video was shocking. He was so proud of spewing his blatant evil. Praying this man is never allowed to walk into a classroom ever again.
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    ‘Go straight to hell’: Texas Republican blasts BOTH parties after amendment to DRAFT WOMEN is adopted

    This upsets me. I have three boys - so no daughters here. But I just had to register two of my boys (18 year old twins) with the selective service a month ago. It really upset me and freaked me out. Yes, the draft has not been used in 40 years. But with the turmoil going on in the world, and...
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    Do you think the global economy will fall before the Rapture?

    I feel that the Rapture will trigger the economic collapse. And I feel we saw a small example of it during the pandemic shutdowns. When millions of people all over the world disappear in an instant - there will be a massive "freak out" of those left behind. Everyone will run to the grocery store...
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    Explosion gunfire outside Kabul airport.

    More proof that Biden is just completely incompetent.
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    Over 60% of born-again Christians between 18 and 39 say Jesus isn't only way to Heaven; Muhammad, Buddha also valid paths to salvation,

    I am a woman. And I am a very loud burper. I have been this way since the day I was born. My mom and dad have often told me how I would startle adults when they would burp me after a feeding in public when I was a tiny baby. I cannot control it. I try to burp quietly and it just does NOT come...
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    Explosion gunfire outside Kabul airport.

    I am so sad to see this! I was thinking during my drive to work this morning - why is Biden playing nice with the Taliban. Just go in there and get the Americans! Blow up the Taliban if you have to - do what needs to be done to get our people back. The Taliban will not honor deals. They are evil.
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    Third police officer who responded to Jan. 6 attack dies by suicide

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. (HUG)
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    Many Celebs Don't Shower Regularly

    I, too, had a college roommate that did not wash her clothes often. She actually sorted them into three different piles around her room. The "freshly washed" pile, the "have only worn these once or twice so I can wear them again to class or on a date" pile, and the "these are so rank the only...
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    Global “Middle Finger to End Christianity” event to take place through Facebook

    To me - this is one of the biggest (YUGE!) examples of how we know God is real. Satan utterly hates him and all of us. The enemy drives them to purely hate believers and berate us because they cannot stand that we believe in the one true God. They become insane with rage against us because our...
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    Many Celebs Don't Shower Regularly

    I have zero issue with anyone brushing their teeth in the shower. I say however you like to do it - go for it! I am not judging at all!! I just thought it was ridiculous when the celebrity would say it would save water. Um, no. That does not save water.
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    FEMA Broadcast Alert Test Today

    I did not receive any type of alert on my phone. However, I now have an update waiting to install.
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    Warrants Served to Texas Dems, but Holdout on Voter Reform Bill Continues

    Ah! Thank you both Experion and AndyC for your answers. That makes more sense now. I do hope they will arrest them. Especially since many of them went on vacation to the beach. They have been given plenty of time to get back to work. Arrest them. Then boot them from office and elect new members...