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  1. ninicat

    Figurative and Literal interpretations of God’s Word

    Thank you! I’ll go look at the articles.
  2. ninicat

    Figurative and Literal interpretations of God’s Word

    Hi everyone! I am participating in an online Bible study of Isaiah. The instructor has made it clear that he interprets the Scripture of the Lord’s Holy Mountain as figurative and not literal. And that the Lord will not physically reign on Earth for 1000 years. It doesn’t feel right. I asked the...
  3. ninicat

    Georgia Guidestones blown up!!! interesting. Maybe someone doesn’t want to be part of NWO? LOL
  4. ninicat

    How long until the Rapture?

    I’ve wondered for over 40 years. Never felt closer than now.
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    Quitting Facebook!

    Messenger and Facebook marketplace are the only reasons I stay on. And promoting my new vacation rental
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    A God story

    That gave me chills. God truly does work in mysterious ways. I’ve never been incarcerated in prison, but I was arrested at 19 in 1978 for shoplifting. Spent the night in jail in Humble, Texas! What a stupid thing I did. That charge followed me for a long time but has been expunged I guess. Still...
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    Random Ramblings...

    Thanks! I actually visited the SLBC a few weeks ago. Outstanding teaching! I missed Sunday School that day but I fully intend to go back. Sugar Land is about 30 minutes from where I live so it’s not a terrible drive. I still listen to Andy on YouTube. Very solid tracking.
  8. ninicat

    Gov. Kate Brown signed a law to allow Oregon students to graduate without proving they can write or do math. She doesn’t want to talk about it.

    I just watched an episode of the “new” Twilight Zone from 1986 called “Examination Day”. Worth a watch. It came up on my YouTube feed and being a former TZ aficionado I had to watch it! Sad, haunting story about the new world order and dumbing down the populace. Being dumb is the new smart….
  9. ninicat

    When Sharing the Gospel With Someone, How Would You Respond to This One Common Excuse They Give?

    1 John 1:8, 9 convinced me…If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His word is...
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    How Jesus Lifted Me Up Into His Arms After A Life Of Hell & Horror

    I remember thinking, before I was saved, that being a Christian was like earning Girl Scout (or Boy Scout) badges! So many steps to check off…many tasks to complete. I knew I could never reach that completion point. That truth was revealed to me, even in my unregenerate state. We can’t complete...
  11. ninicat

    Tell me about Texas

    my advice is that is you come to Texas, stay away from the I35 corridor, Austin, San Antonio, and everything in between north and south. It’s crazy and I mean CRAZY! I have to agree about Houston. I have lived here most of my life and have a serious love hate relationship with it. I live here...
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    One World Religion center to be built in Abu Dhabi

    After viewing the video on their website and seeing the alignment of the three building and looking at the website all I could think of is ”unholy trinity” It’s eerie! The ”church” looks like a soulless, Christless vacuum. Cold, not welcoming at all. Lord, help us! Come quickly. We are truly...
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    Random Ramblings...

    Thank you! I feel very uplifted this morning I want to shed myself of this “reformed wet blanket” and be truly free in Christ. I was raised Lutheran and did not find Christ in the church. I found him through Hal Lindsays book. I know a book outside canon is not Scripture, but the Lord used it...
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    Random Ramblings...

    Thank you so much! I’ll read the links you posted. I struggled with creationism / evolution in college but have come to accept that everything God says in His Word is true without question...six day creation, Lazarus rising from the dead, Jesus rising as the first fruits of the redeemed, Jesus...
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    Random Ramblings...

    My soul is so parched. I’ve fallen away from church fellowship because I was attending a reformed denomination. I just can’t wrap my head around Calvinism and all that it teaches. I know there are solid believers there who love Jesus, but i can’t swallow the some saved, some not saved and the...
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    Economic crash

    It’s like cars revving their engines before the flag goes down.
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    Economic crash

    Imagine. the number of probate cases will soar with people trying to collect the estates of those of us who are gone...
  18. ninicat

    UFO Sighted Over California

    I was saved through that book. The fLord used it to convict me of my sin and need for a savior.
  19. ninicat

    WHO's Next in it's Bag of Tricks...Nipah Virus

    My thoughts are ”they” hit gold when they finally discovered how to control the entire world population, ie sheep. Think about it - this supersedes wars, monetary crises, governmental authority. It’s now the common denominator among every single country in the world. “Rule by virus” through...