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  1. JoyFillsMySoul

    Baby Boomers and food

    My idea of a salad is a pile of rough chopped cilantro with 3-4 tacos hiding underneath.
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    Post words with the same sound, different spelling.

    facinate/fasten eight Teacher: Use the word facinate in a sentence. Little Johnny: My sweater has nine buttons, but I can only fasten eight.
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    Mail from jehovah's witnesses

    I received a handwritten letter from a jw last week. They must have looked up names and addresses on the county appraisal district website.
  4. JoyFillsMySoul

    Gas prices in your area?

    Jumped from $3.29 to 3.49 today in Ellis County, Tx.
  5. JoyFillsMySoul

    Condoleezza Rice: Putin ‘seems erratic,’ ‘descending into something’ never personally seen before

    Just did a bit of internet research and found several possibilities: Parkinson's disease Cancer Long-Covid Hubris syndrome Asperger's
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    Either Or

    Beef! Buttons or zippers?
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    Happy Birthday Lovin Jesus!

    Happy Birthday!! :wooo:birthday
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    Telephone Interview...

    :pray :pray :pray
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    Happy New Years Gang!

    Happy 2022 RF family! :meet ❤
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    Happy Birthday BILLY!!!

    Happy Birthday Billy! I hope your day is filled with many blessings, love, laughter and joy!! :meet
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    Happy Birthday maryrae!

    Happy Birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday yeshua'sbride

    Wishing you happy birthday blessings ❤
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    A Remarkable Puzzle

    Found them all and had fun looking! Thank you for this!! :)
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    Glad to be part of the forum

    :welcome Christian!
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    Roscommons MI.

    I just saw it on the shelves at Kroger in north Texas. I'll try it soon.
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    Happy Birthday John Romans!

    Happy Birthday!! :birthday