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  1. Thykingdomcome

    Beyond the Distorted Rainbow

    I am so glad I work in a Christian school. I work with the PreK kiddos (Ages 4-5) and I agree this age is so influential. I'm glad when the parents keep the kiddos in the school for Kindergarten and beyond, although also happy that we can teach them that God made them in his image and that God...
  2. Thykingdomcome

    Sense of urgency

    I felt the Holy Spirit say that its time to make sure those around me know Jesus, and that was back early this year. I have seen God working and moving mountains as have some of those around me so Praise God for that! Because of what I heard and an unplanned extended trip to Tx in Feb I am...
  3. Thykingdomcome

    New, kind of

    No actually she is a corgi beagle mix! Her ears are usually up but I cought her this way on camera. I love the name Coconut!
  4. Thykingdomcome

    Coronavirus: Vaccinated foreigners to be allowed into Israel in May

    He will be 16 at the time of travel. In the last year+ he has been very suicidal, starting with cutting and then trying to jump off of high places. Thankfully with the help of Dr's after being admitted and God's grace we were able to get him into extensive therapy before Covid really hit the...
  5. Thykingdomcome

    Third Stimulus Check!

    I keep thinking how this is conditioning the population for government payouts/paychecks. What it may be like under a socialist society. Are we headed in that direction, time will tell. Praying that God's timing is soon as I prefer not to go through that!
  6. Thykingdomcome

    Chauvin etc Trial Thread (George Floyd)

    So thankful for peaceful nights! The storms were crazy though, 4 tornado warnings to the south and large hail in the area. Made our Costco trip the quickest one on record!
  7. Thykingdomcome

    OSAS And Suicide

    Thank you for this. I agree. My son, a teen, has been very depressed and tried suicide multiple of times last spring. We thankfully have him in an extensive therapy that has helped him along with Christian counseling and lots of prayer. I just cant see a loving God turn on someone like that...
  8. Thykingdomcome

    Biden adds preferred pronouns dropdown to White House contact form

    Oh they are already being taught, and not necessarily in school but also online. My son, who has depression and anxiety, is a teen and doesn't have feelings for girls or boys so he says he doesn't have a gender. I tell him no matter what he will always be my little boy and I will call him...
  9. Thykingdomcome

    The Palestinian Plan to Dupe the Biden Administration

    Hmmm I was discussing this last night and wonder, can Biden cancel the US recognition of Jerusalem as a capital? And would it matter to the world? And lastly would he move the Embassy back to Tel Aviv? If he does it would honestly look like a childish tug of war. We are not meant for this...
  10. Thykingdomcome

    Things to do with eyes shut for 4-6 hours

    Wonderful, thank you! I am prepared to listen to alot of things, but can't read or watch anything!
  11. Thykingdomcome

    Things to do with eyes shut for 4-6 hours

    Is there a list of respected pastors someplace? I believe there are alot more not so good ones then good ones. Know what I mean?
  12. Thykingdomcome

    Things to do with eyes shut for 4-6 hours

    I am having eye surgery next week and am looking for things to do with my eyes shut for an extended period of time. I am not a day napper by any means!
  13. Thykingdomcome

    Earth Is Spinning Faster Than It Has In 50 Years, Scientists Reveal

    Honestly I have thought alot about this Shortened days verse of the bible. My husband and I were talking about it on Sunday and he said it could be accomplished by the earth spinning faster. How does that happen though? could a massive earthquake do that? Possibly. But then would it be less...
  14. Thykingdomcome

    Report: Pence, McConnell, and McCarthy will Skip Trump’s Send-Off Ceremony

    The division is just getting bigger. The bible says Nations will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom... what about that within a nation or kingdom? So sad that we are seeing our country go through this. Although I believe that God is still on the Throne which means he is and always...
  15. Thykingdomcome


    Yes I agree. our church had this sermon yesterday: Its like the fishermen in the boat with Jesus and the big storm came Matthew 8:23-27 23 Jesus got into a boat. His followers followed Him. 24 At once a bad storm came over the lake. The waves were covering the boat. Jesus was sleeping. 25...
  16. Thykingdomcome

    Is The Holy Spirit Communicating With You? I Believe the Rapture is Very soon!

    I too have felt the Holy Spirit more recently. In fact last week Tuesday I was playing a game and it was placed upon my heart to write about my son. You see last year he was admitted to the hospital for a week because he didn't feel safe at home. There were 3 suicide attempts after that and...
  17. Thykingdomcome

    We're even closer than we think!

    I can see the urgency and many others are seeing it too. I love how God works! Praise God for his faithfulness!
  18. Thykingdomcome

    Question about rapture. Will we have a warning?

    I wondered that too if maybe just believers will hear the trumpet.