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    Iran’s Khamenei hails ‘resistance’ of Syria’s Assad

    His "resistance" seems to be opening the door for a third great war of mankind. It will end with many changes but his city will not survive it and, I suspect, neither will he...
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    Iran says Damascus suburbs assault to continue after U.N. ceasefire call

    The Iranians will have to be forcefully expelled from Syria, someday.
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    Billy Graham Has Gone Home

    Yes... I just heard from a friend who compared him to a modern-day Methuselah and I reminded him of what came as Methuselah passed...
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    ‘Multiple victims’ reported in church shooting outside San Antonio

    Well, I have always refrained from carrying in church but after today, that has to change. I'm 57 and I never imagined NEEDING to be armed while in church services. May God bless and keep those with grieving hearts in these days ahead.
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    North Korea: threat of atmospheric nuclear test should be taken literally

    If the satellite was actually just a vehicle to carry a nuke, that is, if the "satellite" IS a nuke that's in a polar orbit, it would be very easy. You just send a signal to detonate it when it's over your desired target. The EMP does the rest :(
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    TV report: Islamic State chiefs gather near Israel border, set up training camp

    I doubt that this camp is very close to the border. The arms factory and the proposed addition of a few thousand recruits of the IRGC being placed in the area of the Golan is going to lead to a REALLY poor outcome for them. The combined IDF/IAF hammer is going to thoroughly crush them and I...
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    Putin urges North Korea talks, says sanctions not working

    The sanctions aren't working because his country and China are breaking them completely. We are one mistake away from a potential global war. We will remain at that threshold indefinitely if Kim is given the time to perfect his weapons and delivery systems. I don't believe China or Russia...
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    CNN published a list of hate groups on 8-17-17

    The birth pangs are increasing! MARANATHA!
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    The Coming Cashless Society

    If you can you hear the hoof beats, it's time to be listening for the sound of a trumpet!
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    Putin: We'll have to retaliate against 'illegal' U.S. sanctions

    I know that our God is in control but I also know that America is due a reckoning for our corporate sin. I wonder if Russia or North Korea will be used by God to be that chastisement? The world has never seemed more out of control in my lifetime of 56 years and I am excited to be looking up...
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    Cashless society getting closer, survey finds

    It will be that desire for convenience that sells the chip implant to access your credit for all purchases. The short term problem most should consider in a cashless system is the absolute control it yields to government. If a bureaucrat can see every purchase, debt, donation, EVERY...
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    Russia vows to shoot down all 'flying objects' in Syria after US guns down first regime warplane

    Putin isn't insane and he has to know that he can only bluster just so far. If he was to shoot down one of our aircraft there is a good chance he would be humiliated, publicly, when we destroyed an airbase and most of his offensive air power. He knows that to have any chance of defeating our...
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    Why is H. Clinton not in Jail?

    If Mueller is an honest man with integrity, the Democrats in congress may be about to see their dreams turn into nightmares. I cannot understand why president Trump does not name a second special counsel to investigate HRC's server/email scandal. If he did, the level of noise around his...
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    Jared Kushner Didn’t Disclose $1 Billion in Loans, Investment Ties to Goldman Sachs and George Soros

    Kushner unsettles me. I can't explain it any better. There is just something about him that seems wrong.
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    Iran says S-300 air defense system now ‘operational’

    When their intel says Iran is about to have a nuke, they should use emp if necessary, to destroy the sites and as much infrastructure as possible. God will not allow Israel to be totally destroyed but millions could still die from a nuclear attack. The entire world seems to be sliding into...
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    Democrat Rioters Set Pro-Trump Cars ABLAZE

    A few months ago I put a bumper sticker on my truck about HRC and Benghazi and within a few days, someone had written a profane comment over it in permanent marker.
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    Putin's Syria playbook? To recapture Soviet glory in the Middle East

    He seems like he's more than ready to bite on a "hook".
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    Russia Putin calling strategic shots in Syria-Why?

    Those accidental naps are the BEST! :)
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    Iran Is Cheating on the Nuclear Deal, Now What?

    Agreed. It was Obama's choice to short circuit an Israeli response internationally and it worked flawlessly. His smile will fade some day though. God's chosen are not a wise target.
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    DHS grants 8,000 Syrians temporary amnesty

    When Gog/Magog occurs the Muslims will have no excuse if they continue to believe. They will have EVERY advantage and they will be humiliated (yet again) and incur massive loss of forces. I agree - I pray for them that they will see the truth and bend the knee before they are forced to.