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  1. RonJohnSilver

    IF it were possible

    Post-rapture I think it'll take the solving/explanation of the disappearings and the stabilizing of the world. Certainly since most/all of the current chaos is Satan inspired, a lot would be eased if Satan just took his foot off the gas pedal and, should he do that, things will calm a bit and...
  2. RonJohnSilver

    Birth Pangs Gain Momentum

    Heartbreaking that the majority of those lost will now likely spend an eternity in Hell.
  3. RonJohnSilver

    Service Project Suggestions

    Our Life Group Bible Study (19 people) have been pondering for some time how we can take our faith out into the community. We certainly have our own circle of friends and contacts but we want something more than that. We've thought about various fundraisers that our area churches sponsor as...
  4. RonJohnSilver

    Nearing Midnight Weekly Commentary

    Also, whatever happened to Wendy Wippel?
  5. RonJohnSilver

    Favorite and funniest (to you) comic strips.

    Calvin/Hobbes, Far Side, Dilbert, Biden's Press Conferences.
  6. RonJohnSilver

    The Origins of Knowledge

    Not only that but a significant number of them were either communist or had liberal, communist leanings. It was a different time though.
  7. RonJohnSilver

    The Origins of Knowledge

    I saw the Oppenheimer movie and read the book and I also was struck by how easily knowledge came to those people. They are talking about concepts that I can't begin to understand like it was child's play. On a similar note, in my daily devotionals, I've just been reading about the building...
  8. RonJohnSilver

    Aaron Rodgers Saga Continues

    Well, that didn't last long. I hate to see any player hurt but especially long term and that appears to be what this is. I feel for the Jets fans.
  9. RonJohnSilver

    What A Man Finds Attractive-LOL

    The pluses are a bit subjective. Here's some of my absolute NOs. 1. Tattoos/piercings 2. Foul language 3. Bad Hygiene 4. Constant talker.
  10. RonJohnSilver

    Who Is Your Favorite Comedian?

    Jonathan Winters (old), Jeff Dunham (current). Honorable mentions- Red Skelton, Rodney Dangerfield, Johnny Carson.
  11. RonJohnSilver

    Are You A Coffee Drinker?

    Exactly how I feel about alcohol of any kind.
  12. RonJohnSilver

    Warning then judgement.

    I've said the same thing about this time being God's warnings/judgment. As mentioned, the frustrating thing is that most seem to either blame it on something else like global warming or just shrug it off. What does it take to make people see that their eternal fate is at stake? I guess the...
  13. RonJohnSilver

    Annoying Sounds

    When I was growing up in California, near Edwards Air Force base, they were constantly testing jet and rocket engines so at night you could hear those roars, sometimes really loud and sometimes more subdued but engine roar nonetheless. We used to hear sonic booms all the time then also...
  14. RonJohnSilver

    Annoying Sounds

    My former pastor used to say, "Don't break the silence if you can't improve it."
  15. RonJohnSilver

    More Like Jesus

    Jesus took naps. Be like Jesus.
  16. RonJohnSilver

    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    Still reaching 100s+ in Texas. No real surprise there but the drought is unusual. God's warning/judgment is what I tell people and believe. So far, I've lost 1 rose, 1 dogwood, 3 calla lilies, numerous small plants and an unknown as yet quantity of grass. 1 hydrangea is on life support and...
  17. RonJohnSilver

    Whats your plans for the day?

    I'm painting today. Inside, thankfully, but taping and then painting the baseboards in the bedroom really takes a toll on my body. I could really use that new body I'm getting right now.
  18. RonJohnSilver

    The Worst O-limp-ics Ever

    Rats, I missed the bobsled race, my favorite.
  19. RonJohnSilver

    Whats your plans for the day?

    We went with our SS class to visit the Bush Library and Museum in College Station. This is Bush Sr, the 41st. Lots of mementos from his early days in the East, at Yale, in the Navy, then beginning his work career in the oil industry in Texas, on to politics, ambassadorship, heading the CIA...
  20. RonJohnSilver

    Poll-What Is/Are Your Favorite Season or Seasons?

    1. Baseball 2. Football 3. Hockey