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  1. ItIsFinished!

    How/When does God intervene in our lives?

    No one is out of the reach of God. They may not be willing to "get right" , but God is certainly able and willing to make them right within Jesus Christ. God intervened in my life when I was completely lost and entrenched in sin. I had an encounter with Jesus Christ 28 years ago and my life has...
  2. ItIsFinished!

    LGBTQ Town Hall Showcased Democratic Extremism

    Well articulated my friend. :thumbup
  3. ItIsFinished!

    Elijah Cummings' widow expected to run for his House seat: report

    Exactly. Many are to lazy to vet out these politicians and their proposals/policies. Many upon many don't have a clue or don't care . Quite sad.
  4. ItIsFinished!

    Carnal Christians: Is There Such a Thing?

    And amen! Praise The Lamb of God!
  5. ItIsFinished!

    A Restraining Force

    Me too friend.
  6. ItIsFinished!

    Hillary versus Tulsi

    When one doesn't have the indwelling of The Holy Spirit and are involved in wickedness and malice, they leave the door wide open for not only demonic oppression, but possession as well. The lust for power and greed is a great platform for this to happen. Judas comes to mind as well as Jezebel...
  7. ItIsFinished!

    Who is Kanyw West's pastor?

  8. ItIsFinished!

    Hillary versus Tulsi

    Or demonically possessed.
  9. ItIsFinished!

    The New America

  10. ItIsFinished!

    90% of Protestant Pastors Do NOT expect Return of Christ!!

    Exactly. This is just ridiculous. OBVIOUSLY Jesus Christ is going to return. This is basic Scriptural teaching. Every pastor I know believes He will. 100%. And I know alot of pastors, all over the world.
  11. ItIsFinished!

    Pence announces Turkey has agreed to cease-fire in Syria

    I hear ya friend. We know what happens to Damascus... Go ahead and pull that soapbox out brother. ;) Let us sing Walking in Jerusalem! Amen! Praise The Lamb of God!!!
  12. ItIsFinished!

    Obama's throne of power

    Obamanation. Worst President EVER!!! Did severe damage to this country. By design.
  13. ItIsFinished!

    Illinois School District “LGBT” Activists Call K-8 Indoctrination “Equity”

    I'm beyond tired of this homosexuality transgender nonsense. So sick of it . Non STOP from these depraved individuals and senseless ideologies. CONSTANTLY in your face. Constantly.
  14. ItIsFinished!

    How Many Are Anticipating the Rapture?

    Amen brother. Plus it is ALL going to burn one day. Our treasure as children of God is in Heaven. Not this sin soaked world.