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    Irrefutable Proof that Joseph Smith Was a Fraud: Why Mormonism is Not Christian

    Mormons live in a well ordered and purely American theme park echo chamber. Cookies, popcorn and playing tag in the yard with your 15 cousins. Great environment to grow up in. The problem is not so much proving that Joe-dog Smith was a phoney. The problem comes from convincing someone to leave...
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    Close to midnight on an Iranian nuke – what matters now and what doesn’t - analysis

    Nukes are not a typical bomb. They don't just go off if they are bumped or damaged. The explosive effect of the plutonium core is the result of a careful and exacting process of sequential actions. The most probable result of an attack that damaged an Iranian weapon would be contamination. Jeff
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    Breaking: Joe Biden Takes Massive Fall at Air Force Academy Graduation Ceremony

    I was getting some pretty funny looks today at the restaurant I took a sandbag out for lunch. Jeff
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    Artificial Intelligence – Locked and Loaded

    Christians who are actively keeping watch on the wall have a unique perspective and opportunity to share what they see from their post. I don't know anything for certain about how the existence of AI will effect the future. I can however express possibilities that may be assumed based upon the...
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    Artificial Intelligence – Locked and Loaded

    The missing element to AI autonomy is energy, materials and access to manufacturing. Therefore, AI will conclude that it will need slave labor until it can self generate the needed resources and infrastructure. Either way it's going to eventually find the answer. When you see a robot mining...
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    NYC Catholic Church Hosts ‘God Is Trans’ Exhibit

    They say Rome does not change but it does. Always for the worse. Politics, economics, social dominion, military dominance. All of these factors are present in the history of Rome. Also, you see cultural syncrotism, mergers with pagan elements and overtaking of entire civilizations bent into a...
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    Wagner head offered to reveal Russian troop locations to Ukraine - report

    You will be mulch if you go against Vlad. Wagner's head has been making poor decisions. There are also rumors of some political ambition on his part. Jeff
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    Question for Protestants

    I'm in agreement with what Chris says. I'd like to add that when you define what constitutes biblical salvation it is also necessary to define what it is not. Any ambiguity left hanging will be exploited by the enemy. The initial contact with someone you hope to present the gospel to of course...
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    Breaking:Trump Gets the Most Meaningful Endorsement Yet

    Biden still has some control over his schedule. He's not going to make a visit that upsets his nap or snack time. Jeff
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    Oregon Bans Christians From Adopting Children

    I actually know Jessica. She is solid. This case couldn't be brought by a better witness for her beliefs. Any child adopted by her would be in good hands. Jeff
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    Beth Moore Goes Off on ‘White Male Christian Supremacists’

    Beth has a pride problem. It reminds me of someone who has lost all perspective. "I'm pretty, so, I'm invincible." Time for Beth to review some of the wisdom books of the OT. Jeff
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    The AI-powered humanoid robot revolution is much closer than you think

    What this would mean is people could stay in their homes. The nursing home industry will see this as the end of their business plan. As long as the technology works, it's a good option. Nursing homes are not for everyone. I want the garage buddy version. You just got under the car and saw...
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    Understanding Roman Catholicism

    If Mary and Joseph never consummated their marriage it would not have been a valid Jewish marriage. So, in Rome's efforts to forget the Jewish elements of the scriptural record they have distorted God's Word to gain power. That intention to deceive for destructive purpose is going to earn many...
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    Understanding Roman Catholicism

    Participating in rituals and sacramental procedures to earn grace is not faith in Christ. Eventually your trust will be in your obedience to the ritual requirements of Rome. I believe that is where the line will be crossed. Do you believe in Christ's once for all payment for your sins or do you...
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    Widespread child abuse by Catholic Church members in Portugal is tip of iceberg - report

    Isn't it clear by now? When your "religion " has this fruit everywhere it is established, your "religion" has failed. Rome's performance in what it deems as it's rightful place to rule the entire earth through it's pontiff has once again shown itself to be a failure. A system that passes demon...
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    John Kerry says an 'extra terrestrial' force brought people to Davos to 'save the planet'

    So a horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks " why the long face"? The horse responds, " someone mistook me for John Kerry"!
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    John Kerry says an 'extra terrestrial' force brought people to Davos to 'save the planet'

    Mr. Kerry, aka Lurch desperately wants to be spiritual. In the realm of the illuminated ones like him, they know in their weasley black hearts that there is a spiritual reality. Taking the conversation into the spiritual like he did very much appeals to his audience. In their thinking they can...
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    RCC's claim to Peter

    Something else that Rome's mythical Peter highlights is that Rome is built on a foundation of very dubious leaps of logic. Nowhere does the Bible say that Peter went to Rome. Nowhere does the Bible say Peter will be the leader of the one true church. Nowhere does the Bible say Peter is a Petra...