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  1. Círeth

    New York Democrats Want to Free ‘Son of Sam,’ All Serial Killers

    Frankly the US prison system needs radical overhaul to help rehabilitate those who can be rehabilitated. Same in the UK. Norway manages to do that and has a very low recidivism rate. We could both learn a lot of lessons from them.
  2. Círeth

    Money For Nothing: Universal Basic Income to Be Trialed in England

    Maybe it wouldn't work for some people but for others it definitely would. It certainly would under the rule of our Lord even if a man made version is doomed to failure. It would certainly help me out. I am bored out of my skull on welfare and unable to work right now. (I'm actually beginning...
  3. Círeth

    Human Rights Campaign declares LGBTQ state of emergency in US

    I know some LBGTQ people in real life and they absolutely hate pedophiles. Perhaps with more vehemence than other people do. They categorically state that pedophiles and animal rapists are not welcome under the LGBTQ banner. So called "zoophiles" are trying to sneak in under the banner too and...
  4. Círeth

    A 10,000-meter pit was dug in China - and no one knows why

    They might be looking for information. Just learning but what they seek to learn is another question. Personally I think they're looking for valuable metals for technological use. We're running out of them higher up and asteroid mining is not feasible yet. Edit: Any oil found along the way...
  5. Círeth

    Russia's Medvedev says UK is in a 'de-facto war' with Russia

    We are. We're fighting a proxy war through Ukraine. We were the moment we gave them the first weapon.
  6. Círeth

    Russia says it destroys Ukraine's 'last warship'

    I wouldn't believe anything Russia says. They are not known for telling the truth in peace time let alone war time.
  7. Círeth

    Does anyone know how to uninstall Edge?

    I use Linux but there are some things I can only do on Windows unfortunately.
  8. Círeth

    Does anyone know how to uninstall Edge?

    Yes, I'm aware that they tried to make it integral to the OS. That's why the only way I can think of to get rid if it is to force uninstall via command line and then edit the registry. I don't think I'd have problems with it after that (as long as I didn't accidentally break the registry and...
  9. Círeth

    Does anyone know how to uninstall Edge?

    Microsoft keeps trying to cram it down my throat and today it installed a search bar on my desktop without permission. I removed it immediately, because I saw it do it. I am extremely annoyed. The harder Microsoft tries to push Edge on me the less I want anything to do with it and the more...
  10. Círeth

    Long-necked dinosaur fossil found by Argentine scientists is one of biggest ever

    Hmmm. Would humans be alright at 30% oxygen? Too much oxygen is toxic to us.
  11. Círeth

    Contraceptive Pill for Men Nears Reality After Major Breakthrough

    High. Primarily the pill works by stopping ovulation. But it also thins the lining of the womb so if it fails prevent ovulation and fertilisation does occur there's a high chance that the fertilised egg will fail to implant.
  12. Círeth

    Long-necked dinosaur fossil found by Argentine scientists is one of biggest ever

    The platypus seems like the punchline of a joke.
  13. Círeth

    What are UFOs to you?

    They were Unitarians according to Wikipedia.
  14. Círeth

    South Florida flooding to bring ‘boom’ of mosquitoes in coming days

    I'm in the UK. I'm afraid I've no idea where to find dragonflies in the US. I'd start by asking a pet store. I'm not sure if they'd sell live dragonflies but they might have them for lizard or snake food so they might know where you could get live uns.
  15. Círeth

    New Apple glasses/goggles

    Google tried it about nine years ago with the Google Glass. They were too expensive for most people and only a few niche early adopters picked them up. I expect Apple's will flop in a similar manner.
  16. Círeth

    Google AI Pioneer Says He Quit To Speak Freely About Technology’s ‘Dangers’

    Maybe military grade AIs but the AIs the public has access to such as ChatGPT are not anywhere near smart enough yet to replace people as workers which is what most people are worried about and what the ongoing Writer's Strike is partly about.
  17. Círeth

    The Age of Accountability

    I was psychologically abused as a child. I think it made it take longer to be able to think and reason logically because I became so used to doubting my own perceptions and essentially gaslighting myself. It took a very long time for me to be able to clearly discern the motives of those around me.
  18. Círeth

    Long-necked dinosaur fossil found by Argentine scientists is one of biggest ever

    I always thought that behemoths are what the Bible calls dinosuars. I don't think they were tampered with. I think that they must have run out food sources before the flood and gone extinct through hunting and competition for food with humans, because of their size and the sheer amount of...
  19. Círeth

    Good picnic?

    Thanks guys. I will take all these suggestions into account.
  20. Círeth

    Good picnic?

    I think she does but will double check.