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    Trump to announce presidential bid on November 14

    I really don’t know how I feel about this…..
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    Rush Limbaugh passed away today

    Rush was a treasure. I was so happy to read about his faith in Jesus recently, how wonderful.
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    Biden Signs Series Of Damaging Executive Orders

    I remember when I heard trump was running years ago, I actually laughed and thought “no way”, I didn’t vote for him in the primaries and was shocked when he won the nomination (I did vote for him both times against a democrat). And although he was not without flaws (some pretty big ones) he...
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    Green new deal

    Wow, I really have no other words after reading it.
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    Wendy Wippel...from 2016, post Boston Marathon bombing

    Wow, thank you for sharing this.
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    Is anyone else Fearful?

    Yes, I am. I’m angry at myself for feeling this way. What has happened this election season has broken me. I’m trying so hard to lay this down.
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    Actor/Comedian Tim Allen Is A Christian!

    I knew he was a conservative, but this is even better.
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    Doctor Has License Yanked After Saying This About the Coronavirus

    This makes my blood run cold, as do many things these days
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    Six-week lockdown? Not on my watch! Mississippi governor vows to FIGHT as Biden adviser floats nationwide Covid-19 shutdown

    Ohio’s governor is likely doing a partial shutdown again next week. Our schools are likely shutting down in my county until after Christmas (they are making a decision next week) , we got a call today that my daughter was exposed yesterday and has to homeschool for two weeks so she’s probably...
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    Trump will fight on.

    This actually sounds like a joke, “but we reunited the casts of popular tv shows”.
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    Rapture Forums (possibly only me) Live Commentary on Joe Biden Addressing the Nation

    A little disappointed no ones pants caught on fire.....
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    Who's gonna win?

    I honestly want to vomit. I’m horrified at what is happening even though I shouldn’t be, I knew there would be fraud, but I thought to myself “we have GOD, it will be okay”. I know long term it will be, but before that....
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    If there are legal battles over votes...

    They never have seen him as president, I agree their efforts will ramp up though.
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    Who's gonna win?

    What a rollercoaster!!! this is getting me hopeful!!!
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    Who's gonna win?

    This hurts so much more than when it was Obama, things have changed so much since then. Still praying of course
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    Who's gonna win?

    My formerly conservative Christian cousin posted that in 2016 she “forgave” people for voting for trump and she isn’t going to do that this time. I fear she will end up cutting off her parents and siblings if trump wins. I have watched her gradually spiral into a hateful bitter “former...
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    Who's gonna win?

    Looking good from what I see, I’m watching Ohio closely (from Ohio).
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    Who's gonna win?

    Come on Ohio, even if Biden wins I need my state to do the right thing