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    Pets in heaven

    I was blessed by reading this. Susan
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    One second after you die....

    That sounds beautiful. Susan
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    More Confusion in Schools

    God help all these children who today are having to live in these times of great sin all around them. Susan
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    Largest Fentanyl Drug Bust In History Made As Truck Tried Crossing The Southern Border

    I am also thankful they found all that they did. Such a deadly substance.
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    The Hunt

    I agree with your comments on this.
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    American University in Washington DC Moves to Mandate Use of ‘Preferred Pronouns’

    This is all so sad, but we who follow Jesus know it's only going to get worse.
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    Another New Member

    God bless all of you gracious folks for the nice welcome. Have a safe, blessed week, my friends. SusanEP
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    Another New Member

    I have been here a bit in the past, but had a real desire to share with others, and get to know you "for such a time as this." I live in East TN. Me and my husband are servants of the lord. I am blessed to have a son and daughter in law who also serve the lord. We love our two doggies. A big...