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    Do you feel like Christian music should mention Jesus name?

    A number of years ago an ex-rocker gave a beautiful simple rule of thumb to discern godly music by lyric/melody/beat. The lyrics are spirit, the melody is the soul and the beat is the body. Just like the spirit is to be in control of body and soul of the believer so are the lyrics - the...
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    Do you feel like Christian music should mention Jesus name?

    I totally agree, that so much that passes as "christian" is a far cry from God's truth. Churchianity is not necessarily rooted and grounded on the gospel of grace - the cross of Christ. It's become a social gospel, feel good gospel, man centered instead of Christ centered and so is the music...
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    in honor of the Lord's resurrection

    testing - testing - please report back Caligal
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    in honor of the Lord's resurrection
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    Whatever my lot.....

    a song that never gets old - I can listen to it over and over again http://********/E8HffdyLd0c
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    Scaring the hell out of me!

    Melanie and Brenminny, why do you allow these wolves in sheep clothing whip you with the law when truth and grace came by Christ Jesus? He is your ark of safety once and for all and you can securely rest in his everlasting love that changes not! May you both receive a revelation of that love -...
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    Happy Birthday, Uli !!!

    O my, dear sisters and brothers in Christ, I seldom look beyond the prayer/praise forum, so I did not see this special B-day wish section. Thank you! Thank you, thank you for your love. Finding these greetings today makes it truly a weeks worth of celebration, which started last Monday. I'm...
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    Muslim converts to Christianity--Incredible Testimony!

    Praising the Lord for this man's conversion. I read his book. I love the way the Lord touched this man in ways that no one gets the glorious credit for this man coming to faith, except the Lord. All christian influence was spirit orchestrated, just like Ananias was sent to Saul in Damascus.
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    From Korn to Christ ...

    I'm so glad that this dark thread turned from the dark news to the good news - glorifying Jesus. Let's join Billiefan in his persistant intercession for the people in the entertainment business with renewed fervor. Perhaps there will be more such testimonies such as Korn, Alice Cooper and...
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    Whatever my lot.....

    It is well with my soul, indeed!
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    I meant "NO!!!" too