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    He Is God

    Amen, and thank you Jesus.
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    Best of the Best

    Amen, the perfection definition of propitiation 1 John 4 9 In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him. 10 In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the...
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    What are y'all having for supper?

    What a shocker..:mysticthat TT prefers hamburgers.:biggrin Honestly, I could easily go without ever eating either again. Hamburgers were my go to food for a big chunk of my life, and then I finally grew up and ate grownup foods…:lol
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    Whats your plans for the day?

    Is there no other possible options for care for your dad, or respite care for you to have some breaks?
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    Rapture will cause Chaos on the earth?

    In Oregon its 2035 for new cars. Older cars will still be allowed for as long as they last.
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    Hey Chris! Thanks for bringing the forums back.

    Yes, we never know how good we had it until we didnt. The forums I briefly joined were biblically challenged to put it nicely.
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    What are y'all having for supper?

    Grilled turkey burgers we were supposed to eat last night. Strangely, over the last few years, I prefer turkey burgers over hamburgers.
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    New York Democrats Want to Free ‘Son of Sam,’ All Serial Killers

    Yes, she and Berkowitz do appear to have repented, and put their faith in Jesus. I have heard both of them interviewed, and I believe she is now where we all long to be. Repenting as they did secures their place for eternity. But while still alive, she had to pay for her gruesome murders, and...
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    What are y'all having for supper?

    Beef is beef, and all I need is hard tack and jerky and one of the three mules from Sister Sara….:howdy
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    Rapture will cause Chaos on the earth?

    No matter the mode of transportation, when we are called home, the vehicles we were in will need to stop sooner or later. Think about pilots, bus drivers…etc..if they get raptured, its bad news for those inside those vehicles. Many will die within seconds or minutes after the rapture.
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    A Thousand Tiny Cuts

    Yes, we know the dead will rise, but my numbers are based on Petes calculations and is only from those still alive.
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    A Thousand Tiny Cuts

    I agree. IMO, there is no chance for now that these countries or many others would willingly give up their sovereignty. No, it will take a huge event, crippling the world, for all to agree on a new form of world government.
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    Whats your plans for the day?

    Yardwork, and preparing the RV for a 3 night stay at a local RV park. Before we go on a long trip, we need to stay local, test out all the systems and if anything is wrong, the RV shop is close by for warranty repairs. Our granddaughter will be dropped off to our site on Saturday, and spend one...
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    A Thousand Tiny Cuts

    33 million, all gone in a flash. Seems like a high number, but factoring in the kids who will be raptured, it seems to be an easy number to reach.
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    A Thousand Tiny Cuts

    Great read from Pete as he makes the case about how the USA will need to collapse before the forming of the OWG. How much longer can the USA stand? With the efforts taken place now to self inflict a great would upon this nation, and other western nations, not long.
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    Hanoi Jane Blames White Men for the Climate Crisis

    I have never liked this commy loving woman. Who cares what this has been thinks? Certainly not me.
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    What are y'all having for supper?

    Turkey burgers, mashed potatoes, salad
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    Breaking: Joe Biden Takes Massive Fall at Air Force Academy Graduation Ceremony

    Or, like the old Seinfeld TV episode, instead of boy who lives in a bubble, “The angry president who lives in a bubble”. I hope there is something the Drs can do for him, but there is certainly nothing he can do for us.
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    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    Sunny, slight breeze, no rain, 77 today, 42 overnight.
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    Another woke business in for a surprise??

    Target is getting hit, at least for now, by both sides. Non woke conservatives are mad at the Gay Pride themed clothing displays, so in many stores, especially in the south, Target removed some displays entirely, or moved it to the rear of the store. This upset the Gays, who are also protesting...