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  1. dreamermind

    How do I remind my bible scholar friend about prophecy?

    I’m not sure what to say to him or how to approach the subject. He’s highly intelligent, a scholar of the Bible and was raised Catholic and has in recent years converted to Judaism. He’s a friend I met years ago when we were both in a dark place in our lives and we have remained friends because...
  2. dreamermind

    Benny Hinn no longer believes in prosperity gospel

    This is very interesting. I pray he truly means this.
  3. dreamermind

    What are some good Christian Fiction books?

    I’ve read all the Left Behind book series and quite a few Frank E. Perretti, and some others. What are some of your favorite’s? I like more of the end times stories and weird stuff haha.
  4. dreamermind

    Preparing a file for loved ones after rapture

    I decided awhile back to prepare a file of important things for my loved ones after the rapture. Most importantly bible verses, personal love letters, passwords and bank information, and of course a link to this site. Has anyone else done the same? Any thoughts of what else to include?
  5. dreamermind

    Would you have the courage to call out the devil in public?

    I’ve thought about this and wondered if I was ever out in the world just doing my thing and I came upon a group or a person committing an act of violence or something evil and ungodly, if I would have the courage to stand up and shout the name of Jesus and cast out Satan. Like “get behind me...
  6. dreamermind

    Does God say to love yourself?

    Everyone tells me I should love myself. Be kind and pamper yourself, do what makes you happy etc. But it seems kind of selfish to me. And I really don’t even like myself some of the time. I strive to be and do good, but am such a horrible failure at it, I just don’t get how believers can do...
  7. dreamermind

    Spiritual anguish

    A true believer finds his soul troubled more constantly than it would be if he were not a true believer, or were only a Christian in mere name. There is a deeper sensibility and a greater degree of anguish with a troubled believer than an unbeliever knows anything about. A friend of mine...
  8. dreamermind

    What will the media say after the Rapture?

    I can imagine some will say it was climate change and the earth rid itself in some sort of purge. I saw a prophecy video once with a fake news report saying it wasn’t the rapture the Bible speaks of because the Pope was still there. Will they say it was aliens? Will they go to churches and do...
  9. dreamermind

    Hi I am a dreamer...

    Not the only one though :-). I’ve been reading for awhile here and am enjoying it. I am a Messianic Jew, brought to Jesus when I was in my early twenties. My life has been rough, experienced many hard times and great loss. Hills and Valleys always. God has never let me go, even when I’ve begged...