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  1. Cricket55

    Aliens exist

    Prepping for the tribulation.
  2. Cricket55

    US cutting off its supply of arms to Kurds fighting in Syria

    This does not sound like a good move on the US's part, the kurds are good fighters and we should continue to support them.
  3. Cricket55

    See Something, Say Something

    I agree if we see something suspious we should report it even if it turns out to be nothing........and I am sure authorities would not mind.
  4. Cricket55

    IRAN AND IRAQ Earthquakes ?

    Nature has been telling us we will soon be going home.
  5. Cricket55

    It ain’t gonna get any better…Ya’ll!!

    Too many christians with their heads stuck in the sand and concerned only with themselves and the it wont happen here.
  6. Cricket55

    ISIS terrorist discovered plotting chemical attacks in Israel

    Thank goodness it was stopped before it took place.
  7. Cricket55

    Pope Francis: ‘Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist’

    He is crazy man or it is the effects of the weed he smokes.
  8. Cricket55

    Farrakhan denounced Jews and told them they are not God’s “chosen” people.

    Poor guy has not read the ending of the Good book yet.
  9. Cricket55

    First Lady recites Lords Prayer

    Yeah!!! I like her.
  10. Cricket55

    First Lady recites Lords Prayer

    Yeah!!! I like her.
  11. Cricket55

    Journalist calls for Trump assassination

    People are nuts and crazy.