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  1. Rose E.

    Name a Fictional TV Series of decades pass.

    Lassie My Friend Flicka Fury Lone Ranger Gunsmoke Wagon Train Rawhide Death Valley Days Micah 6:8
  2. Rose E.

    US District Court orders Dakota Access Pipeline shutdown, emptied

    It took months, and millions of dollars to clean up the trash, abandoned cars, tents, dead animal carcasses, live abandoned animals, and one decomposed body. Their protest was a bigger environmental hazard then the pipeline. Please Lord come quickly.
  3. Rose E.

    Let's make a list....

    Glasses and vaccinations
  4. Rose E.

    My thoughts regarding the future, loosely utilizing scripture.

    Time to passionately share our Lord's word. I pray the Lord to give me the confidence to face those who do not believe.
  5. Rose E.

    Need help today, please

    I'm praying for your safety Jewels and your faith in God will reflect on to your attackers. In Jesus's name. Amen
  6. Rose E.

    Cartoons are getting politically correct again

    I grew up watching these cartoons in the 50's and 60's. I have yet to kill or shoot anyone. This kind of junk thought makes me want to buy my nephews another bb gun, air rifle, 22 or shotgun. Please Lord come and take me. My version of Molon labe.
  7. Rose E.

    Do You Want To Change The 'So Called' Police Brutality Towards Blacks?

    With Jesus as you back-up you were well taken care of. All souls matter.
  8. Rose E.

    George W. Bush and Mitt Romney Won’t Support Trump in 2020, While Some GOP Officials Consider Voting for Biden

    President Bush and Mitt Romney are both big fans of the "New World Order". They are just doing their part to promote the cause.
  9. Rose E.

    Banned Guns: Why You Can't Buy the Glock 18 or Glock 25

    My husband has the same complaint. He considers buying clothes a size bigger to hide his Walther pps. I offer to carry it in my purse but he just rolls his eyes at me and walks away :wink2 .
  10. Rose E.

    Banned Guns: Why You Can't Buy the Glock 18 or Glock 25

    I'm a big fan of Theodore Roosevelt's saying "Speak softly and carry a big stick".
  11. Rose E.

    Banned Guns: Why You Can't Buy the Glock 18 or Glock 25

    I have 3 12 round magazines. My husband wants me to get a smaller gun but I'm not ready to downsize.
  12. Rose E.

    Banned Guns: Why You Can't Buy the Glock 18 or Glock 25

    I carry a Springfield 45 as my c c. It took me months to find a purse to hold my 45 and Bible. I do feel safe and protected.
  13. Rose E.

    One Step Closer to Mark of the Beast

    Which puts us closer to to rapture. I have to stay positive with all the nasty things going on in the world.
  14. Rose E.

    The World Is on Edge and Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop

    I agree.. But the impact of the micro-invasion was minimal. The population had an initial reaction that the left approved. The left's overreaction didn't match people's reality. President Trump became a voice of reason. Then throw hollywood and all those other creepy people putting in...
  15. Rose E.

    The World Is on Edge and Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop

    The one obstacle the liberals are up against is the United States citizen is armed. We have enough weapons that towns, cities, county's and states can be controlled by an organized group of citizens. The deep state liberals will most likely look to outside help to control the U.S. population...
  16. Rose E.

    Murder Hornets!

    Great... my niece and I started our first hive two weeks ago.
  17. Rose E.

    Trump issues executive order to protect power grid from attack

    How to they plan to protect the grid from the enemy within. Those people left over from past administrations with no loyalty to the current administration or country.
  18. Rose E.

    Are you a morning person?

    Mornings.... just as the sun comes up the Robins , Meadowlarks start to sing. A large cup of coffee on the bench swing in the backyard. No better seat to God's concert.