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  1. TexasThunder


    I have not posted here on RF in a very long time, but after reading this thread I feel compelled to throw my 2 cents in. I hate for anyone to leave, especially when its over a disagreement a stance or view. This whole notion of possible revolution is tricky. If you look at history, Christians...
  2. TexasThunder

    When Diplomacy Ends Holy War Begins! by Bill Salus

    I have heard about these connections being made, and I understand the forum rules. The reason for the rule is it's hard for any of us to say with any certainty what constitutes a judgement from God or just strange coincidence. But once I read about events happening to a country, region, or...
  3. TexasThunder

    I'm reluctant to post this.

    Thanks for the invite anath! I had planned on touring some old homes, eatin some good food and good music! I also want to visit the D-day Museum and hopefully meet with the curator. Besides all the problems with the oil, its supposed to rain the whole time. This will not make TT a happy...
  4. TexasThunder

    I'm reluctant to post this.

    There is alot of speculation on what will be the result of all this oil thats gushing into the gulf. I don't think anyone has a clear answere and its anyones guess what may happen. I believe that the damage already done and whats to come is more than whats being admitted and far worse than we...
  5. TexasThunder

    What do all of you think of quantum physics, time travel, parallel worlds, etc

    Brother you always have such an elegant way of expressing your thoughts here with us! It is interesting to ponder the ideas, theories, and possibilities of such things mentioned in this thread. In the end though, I just don't know if such things are real or possible. We can postulate all we...
  6. TexasThunder

    Is this the face of 3D?

    Jesus WAS, IS, and WILL ALWAYS be the living Son of God! Sorry Crazyace, but seeing Jesus in past tense bothered me. I watched the program tonight, and actually I thought it was the best program I had seen on trying to unravel the mystery of the shroud. Is it Jesus, I seriously doubt it, how...
  7. TexasThunder


    Just something I have been thinking about lately. I know that the angels are Gods servants, messengers, and warriors, but we also know from scripture as in the book of Revelations that the angels are very busy and are spoken of often. Angels are or will be doing battle in the spiritual realm...
  8. TexasThunder

    Signs in the heavens ...

    This is really cool, just don't tell Al Gore or he will go on a crusade to stop cosmic gasses!
  9. TexasThunder

    Gun Talk

    It's interesting to see where this thread I started has gone. The debate on firearms in some posts are in the very least skewed and biased toward ones own convictions which I can respect. I will say this and hope it's the end of the debate here. Cain did not use a gun to kill Able, and he is...
  10. TexasThunder

    Gun Talk

    Forgive me, but I must take exception to your post. To suggest that guns or gun ownership is idol worship, or the same thing as having porn or drugs is making a huge broad statement. Yes, guns are used to kill, their sole purpose is to kill, and many times they are used for sinful purposes as...
  11. TexasThunder

    Why do I have hair growing out of my ears?

    I think God has a sense of humor, and this is a great example. Im slowly balding, yet I have no problem with hair growing out of my ears and nose. I trim those areas more often than I get a hair cut.....just sad. Somewhere, the Almighty is getting a laugh at my expense I think.
  12. TexasThunder

    What lure would Peter use?

    This is a totally unbiblical thread, but here lately with spring around the corner, I have an itchin to go fishin! I have spent the weekend dusting off the rod and reel, checking what I need in the way of new lures and tackle, and the latest fishing reports from area lakes. Maybe it...
  13. TexasThunder

    What do I tell my daughter?

    I don't think God makes mistakes.... Regardless... I agree with working for 6 days and resting on the seventh.:thumbup
  14. TexasThunder

    Blue Brain

    Great....cyborg willard! :(
  15. TexasThunder

    Moscow welcomes Obama's plan for cut in nuclear weapons

    Moscow welcomes President Obama's plan for cut in nuclear weapons Not sure how credible this source is or if this is actually true. IF it is, and I wouldn't be surprised if Obama made an offer like this, it's not good for the US. I cannot remember a time when Russia could actually be...
  16. TexasThunder

    Our Future If We are Not Rapture Soon

    Sprout pizza with tofu sticks? Yuck! :)
  17. TexasThunder

    Return of the Neanderthals

    Scientists do not have to create neandertals.........we have them in the U.S. Congress and Senate!
  18. TexasThunder

    Gun Talk

    You can purchase a gun over the internet, or through the mail. The key is, you have to have the firearm sent to someone with a valid FFL license. I am happy to see this thread still up and running and all the points being discussed. Initially, all I had hoped for was some talk about the...
  19. TexasThunder

    Here comes Ike!

    The pictures you may have seen of downtown Galveston where the water was at least a foot high... That is the historic district. Lots of fine old victorian homes are just down the road from that. If Galveston was underwater during the day, while the storm was way off shore, I cant imagine what...
  20. TexasThunder

    Here comes Ike!

    I believe the seawall at Galveston is 17ft high, above the normal water line. Ike is 200 miles out from Galveston now, and water is coming over the seawall!