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  1. Graceismine

    7 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook

    That was 4 years ago, well it’s worse now than ever as an advertising platform and eking out our information. I have caught up with people I would never see if I had not met them on Facebook. I have belonged to a message board like this for 18 years. I don’t know that I would call it a time...
  2. Graceismine

    Is Truth Absolute

    Gives you the creeps doesn’t it? Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Isaiah 5:20 (part)
  3. Graceismine

    Is Truth Absolute

    Well said James We need the Spirit of discernment active in our lives
  4. Graceismine

    Is Truth Absolute

    The song says “what we believe is true”. Only if you believe the truth can you say that. Jesus said that he is the truth. I would therefore think that what we believe should line up with what he believes and teaches.
  5. Graceismine

    Believer's who arent watching and the rapture.

    Yep, that is the Scripture I go by the dead in Christ and …..WE which are alive and remain (not dead yet) will go. I think the WE are those who are born again as Paul includes us with himself. Good point about those who are deaf. I would have to wear my hearing aids to bed if we had to hear the...
  6. Graceismine

    Elon Musk

    I was reading a very good thread by GHoe, …Tower of Babel & End Times. He included this link Something very weird about this man. ‍ not GHoe I mean Musk. LOL
  7. Graceismine

    Elon Musk

    Jordan Peterson said ( jokingly I think) that Elon Musk is an alien. I am more inclined to think that way of him than that God is using him to bring the world into line. I can’t give him a title but he surely seems to have the ability to control our communication. Very strange man indeed.
  8. Graceismine


    I used the word “inimitable” this morning in my devotion as a description for God. Then I thought I’d better look it up. Inimitable means so good or unusual as to be impossible to copy……Unique. That blessed me because that is who He is.
  9. Graceismine

    Is Truth Absolute

    I live with my daughter, we are both widowed. She went out today and so I played my Spotify full blast. On one of my playlists I have Boyzone, “No Matter What”. I never paid much attention to the words just liked the music and group. I can remember in the nineties nearly every supermarket I...
  10. Graceismine

    And They Cursed God

    It says somewhere that The Antichrist will have a fierce countenance. I am seeing many among the politicians in my country and others like Schwab with such faces. The spirit of antichrist is in the world now and we are seeing more than ever the looks of people who hate God. Hard for us to think...
  11. Graceismine

    High Gas Prices are Caused by Governments, Not Companies

    We saw our leader Jacinda Ardern with him at the photoshoots. I don’t know what he thinks he has in common with us. Our gas price is as of today $12.00 per gallon.
  12. Graceismine

    And They Cursed God

    I think of the face of Klaus Scwabb and cannot see him falling on his knees before the Saviour ( willingly that is). Then the Bible speaks and tells me that “ with God all things are possible”. May this man and those who would curse God even now find the Way to salvation.
  13. Graceismine

    Another proof for a pre-trib rapture

    daygo …..Understanding what you said now and agree. I don’t think I understand the reply button very well. In my absence I forgot how I guess.
  14. Graceismine

    Another proof for a pre-trib rapture

    The Thessalonians verse that you show is out of context. Verse 16 says, “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first. It goes on to say next verse, Then we which are alive and remain...
  15. Graceismine

    The Blessings of Grace and contrast with the Law.

    His Systematic Theology books are my go to when I need to know something. He is really exciting to read because I think he, himself is excited about the things of the Lord.
  16. Graceismine


    You could ask Him. Hezekiah did in a really heartfelt way, 2Kings20:2. He turned his face to the wall. My thoughts about this is that striving with what you should be doing as a man and trying to get family saved will not be helping the pain situation. Maybe it is time to, as they say, "Let go...
  17. Graceismine

    Coronavirus Is the Finger of God

    Our prayer needs to be that God will stop this as He stopped the waves of the sea. That He would heal the sick and bring about a worldwide seeking of Him and revival in the hearts of the ones who have lost their way. Protect your people Lord, we are so helpless and we need YOU.