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  1. ronen

    Analysis: The Israel election decided by one vote

    very true about the israeli media at least as for obama himself i wouldnt know but clearly the world in its entirety was against the likud and the msg found its way to the israeli electorate. which might have paradoxicaly helped (likud). we are stubborn people and dont like to be controled from...
  2. ronen

    Israel's Election Today!

    hello everyone i havent visited the rf community for a long while i hope you are doing well adrian's explanation about the israeli system was predictably accurate it looks like the likud party won if so externally our policies will not change internally the secular party of lapid will probably...
  3. ronen

    US to take thousands of refugees now in Turkey

    i guess you experience an acute shortage in arabs, that you didnt even know about who knows, maybe ebola is next on the import list
  4. ronen

    US to take thousands of refugees now in Turkey

    US to take thousands of refugees now in Turkey The US has launched a resettlement program that will admit thousands of refugees currently in Turkey into the US as of next year. “Our commitment is to do thousands a year over many years,” said Simon Henshaw, principal deputy assistant...
  5. ronen


    happy new year everybody! may you all have a year full of joy :hat:
  6. ronen


    happy 4th of july!!:wave:wave:wave we raised some glasses for you guys today :hehheh wish you all happiness
  7. ronen

    Nightmare Scenario Tornado in Oklahoma City area

    just heard about this from ynet joining all your prayers
  8. ronen


    this will not be on point but i do want to say something from my angle i sometimes see some ambulances donated by john hagee and ministeries (?) not sure what his exact msg is (though i tried seeing a bit on youtube), but i know he raised a lot of money to help us here in israel and i know...
  9. ronen

    Will Turkey stay in N.A.T.O.?

    i think turkey's stock is declining you cant dance on both weddings
  10. ronen

    Governors of 3 states issue state of emergency, as Northeast braces for major snowfall

    your storms are crazy i hope everyone will make through it in one piece
  11. ronen

    Merry Christmas Rapture Forums!

    merry Christmas dear friends may you all have a good year:wave
  12. ronen

    Superstorm Sandy: State-by-state snapshot

    im watching the developments on tv is the worst already over? i hope there will be some protection to people who are not insured
  13. ronen

    Happy Birthday readytogo!!!

    happy birthday! (retroactively i guess) :lol:
  14. ronen

    Happy Birthday, KR McKay!

    happy birthday KR!
  15. ronen

    Happy Birthday Chris!

    :yeah::yeah:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:yeah::yeah: have some laughs Shimon Peres - YouTube
  16. ronen

    Billionaire Ty Warner stops for directions, gives woman $20,000

    Billionaire Ty Warner stops for directions, gives woman $20,000 - National Strange News | "Billionaire Ty Warner of Beanie Babies fame stopped in Santa Barbara, California to ask a woman directions. Upon learning of her illness, he ended up giving her $20,000 for a stem cell...
  17. ronen

    Happy Birthday mattfivefour!

    :hyper::hyper: hey! happy birthday man!! :hyper::hyper:
  18. ronen

    Homeschooling conundrum

    dont know about homeschooling but i too have learning disablities if he's got ADHD like me, id suggest putting much emphasis on being very tidy. keeping a different for every subject, putting dates and numbers on every page and keeping each in a different plastic protector thing (whatever its...