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  1. mikalikat

    Giving Up Hope.....

    As someone very wise once told me, it doesn't matter WHEN the Rapture happens, it will happen, but it's something to look forward to, not base your life on. If you are saved, it doesn't matter when it will happen. We are to be LOOKING FORWARD to it, but not basing our entire life on it. It's...
  2. mikalikat

    Hal Lindsey

    Hey all, I don't pop in here too often but I figured someone here would have the answer to this question. My husband watched The Hal Lindsey Report on Sunday evenings and we have noticed that Hal isn't wearing his dapper suits anymore and seems to be talking slower and quieter. Is anyone...
  3. mikalikat

    Time Has Come – Let’s Pray

    Amen and amen. A prayer I pray almost daily. This is great.
  4. mikalikat

    Looking for scripture....

    Hey everyone, A few years ago I asked for scripture that directly addressed women not being ordained ministers. There were three that I was given and that was four laptops ago and a few destroyed hard drives. Can anyone answer that for me? Thank you!
  5. mikalikat

    Does anyone know about Arnold Murray?

    It's been a while and I hope everyone is well! Since he has a lot of time on his hands getting ready for his below-the-knee amputation, Mike watches a LOT of television and loves his evangelists since he can't get to church right now. He's come across an older gentleman named Arnold Murray of...
  6. mikalikat

    Financial question

    Wow, fascinating stuff here. I'd never really read this, nor thought of or considered much of this. You've put this into a whole new perspective for me and I'm grateful! Thank you both.
  7. mikalikat

    Financial question

    Hi all, Tithing is something I've struggled with. It's a control issue and it's adversely affected us, I'm willing to admit. I just received notice that a grant for assistance through my employer that I've applied for was approved and the card should arrive today. Is this considered...
  8. mikalikat

    Breaking...Same-sex marriage now legal in all 50 states

    I understand the feelings of despair while watching this country slide down the toilet, but how in the world can we encourage people to look towards the rewards of heaven, eternity, when things are perfect here? Adrian is correct, we must be about sharing the gospel with those that are still...
  9. mikalikat


    I understand your feelings very well. You feel hopeless and why bother praying? I no longer pray that our leaders will see righteousness and change their paths and head toward Jesus. Instead, I've learned to ask Him to lead me to one person every day that needs to see Jesus. I work in retail...
  10. mikalikat


    Any time now, friends. Any time now. Do not lose hope, do not lose faith. Keep your eyes on Jesus and let's take as many with us as we can. In Jesus' name, amen!
  11. mikalikat

    The Healed Heart

    This is a piece I shared on Facebook this week. I've edited it a bit but I kept most of it as I laid it out there. My prayer is that someone will read this and see where peace and forgiveness is needed in his or her life, and then go about accomplishing what must be done. Our world is...
  12. mikalikat

    There's an idea, job opportunities for ISIS.

    I could NOT believe these words came from her mouth. A thunderclap of stupid.
  13. mikalikat

    Jesus Calling book

    I did a search and tried to find any threads on this and don't know how to maneuver my way around this newly redone site (which I REALLY like, by the way). In 2013 my mother sent me a copy of a book, Jesus Calling. I am REALLY careful when it comes to reading anything "associated" with God...
  14. mikalikat

    God is so much bigger than your problems!

    Hello friends! Today WAS going to be the eye surgery that Mike had long-waited for, however, the doctor that was to perform it felt that because of Mike's size, and the fact that the surgery would NOT be in a hospital but in a clinic as an out-patient, the doctor felt better referring Mike to...
  15. mikalikat

    God is so much bigger than your problems!

    Humbly, thank you so much. He guides my hands, I'm just the typist. :nod My prayer is yours as well, the harvest coming in in response to my words--thank you!
  16. mikalikat

    God is so much bigger than your problems!

    Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers--Mike is somber this week. He's focusing on trusting The Great Physician and tuning out the whispers of failure that the enemy is trying to hard to foist on him. I will have an update on the 14th after surgery to let you all know what the...
  17. mikalikat

    God is so much bigger than your problems!

    Hello everyone, my name is Lori and I've been a member of Rapture Forums for many, many years. In fact, when this site was started, I was one of a handful of people that was among the first members! Sometimes the road has been smooth, sometimes the road has been rocky and bumpy, but from this...
  18. mikalikat

    Turning out the lights on the Age of Grace

    You have spoken such loving, true words. Yes, we are all growing weary. How can we not? To watch the news is to see beheadings, radicals purging Christian churches, God being chased out of every single corner of our lives, our children are becoming wards of the state as parental rights are...
  19. mikalikat

    I look up...

    I have never seen a time in all my years where I saw Christians so collectively WORN OUT by the world's battering. It gives me comfort, though, because it tells me that we're all on the same page, even those that aren't particularly followers of prophecy. We see the writing on the wall, I've...
  20. mikalikat

    Heart aching for Home!

    Brothers and sisters, I'm writing this with the same sentiment I have every morning upon waking--I want to go Home! What a joyous reunion we have awaiting us on that day we are all called to Him with the blow of the shofar and the shout of the should of the archangel! Many of us have...