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  1. Scrum

    Ripped Off At Car Dealersip

    The Car Wizard on YouTube has great advice on cars. He points out a lot of things that mechanics will try to scam you for and how to avoid those shops.
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    Book Clubs

    Is their any good Christian book clubs?
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    The business of profiting on the false Prophets

    Anybody else notice that some of the people, not all, are starting to see the money being made on books and things on false teachings. It is starting to become a business for some and a very lucrative at that. I will not be surprised that in the near future that some of the false teachers start...
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    Are they saved? Are they false preachers? Any info would be appreciated.
  5. Scrum

    Justin Peters

    I have watched a few vids with him exposing the Heaven visitors. I like what he has exposed but I do not know much more about him. Anybody else seen these vids?
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    You don't support Trump? Neither did I, until ...

    I can understand you defending your president. But there is no excuse for calling people names or giving false statements while you are the leader of a Country. He is not and far from being anything that resembles a Christian. You have a president that reflects your Countries values and that is...
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    Disappointing Websites

    I agree that they should be paid. I just think it has got to be hard for a person that is searching for Jesus the first time and all they see is books being sold and big donation click boxes. These websites first and foremost should be telling people why they need Jesus and how to invite Jesus...
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    Two Movies for Evangelism on Rapture Forums

    Can you imagine the movie that a true Christian could make today with a 100 million dollar budget on the life of Jesus. With Hollywood studio CGI they could make the miracles of Jesus come alive. It would be incredible.
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    Disappointing Websites

    So disappointed with a lot of the great Evangelist websites. The sites are very confusing. First thing you see is all of their books being sold and no mention of the way to Jesus unless you spend a hour looking for it. That is my gripe for the day.
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    Vegan and Bipolar

    Sorry wasn't trying to give advice. Just looking for others in the same situation..
  11. Scrum

    Vegan and Bipolar

    Hello there.... Any other Vegans
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    The yearly Burning Man event , movement and it's New-Age Teachings

    5 years ago I wanted to go so bad. I still feel the pull to want to go but I never do because I realize it is a pure pagan festival.
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    Thanks for all your replys.
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    Can we classify the CERN Accelerator in the same class as the tower of Babel. Both of these things were and are trying to find and disprove God.
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    Neocons attack Trump

    How many wifes has he had