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  1. Neohistory

    Banks collapsing one by one…..

    I’m beginning to realize the times I feel stressed about the condition of everything, it’s not that I’m worried about being in the tribulation. I know for sure we will not go through it. The thing that’s getting me is, it’s like I’m stuck on a train track and a train is speeding towards me. It’s...
  2. Neohistory

    ‘Teen Takeover’ terrorizes Chicago as hundreds of teenagers destroy property, attack tourists" Fox News

    Over the years, I’ve felt the Lord has put it on my heart to stock up on some things. I really don’t feel they are for me, and what you said rings true to how I feel about it. I’ve placed a Bible on top of the food stuff out in plain view, and I’m going to write a letter for whoever uses the...
  3. Neohistory

    ‘Teen Takeover’ terrorizes Chicago as hundreds of teenagers destroy property, attack tourists" Fox News

    This is only a slight view of what’s to come. Feeling how I do watching this stuff unfold, gives me a chill thinking about how much worse this is going to get. I’m really hoping we are out of here soon. Focusing on my family and a friend helping them digest the world today and the signs of the...
  4. Neohistory

    Could the Nord Stream gas leak be a sign of worse to come? - analysis

    Winter is coming, literally and spiritually to those who dwell on the earth after the Rapture
  5. Neohistory

    Trump warns of ‘problems the likes of which we’ve never seen before’ if indicted

    With each passing day, the overall picture as to why the US isn’t present in the tribulation power wise, if at all, is coming into focus pretty clearly.
  6. Neohistory

    Biden to announce $10,000 of student loan forgiveness and repayment pause extension

    This is basically forcing UBI. Corner the little people so their only alternative is to accept the “saving hand reaching to pull them out of the water.” They think they are saviors….Ha. Only one Savior, from everlasting to everlasting.
  7. Neohistory

    California to Tax Private Well Water

    These politicians are very vindictive and petty these days. Looks like he’s taking revenge
  8. Neohistory

    Russia Sentences WNBA Star Griner to 9 Years in Prison

    I just wonder why she would risk taking something like that with how relations are between the US and Russia. That’s a perfect excuse for Russia to issue heavy punishment against a citizen whom dwells within the country that is considered an enemy. Others need to take this as a teaching moment...
  9. Neohistory

    The Darkness Will Not Last

    For we are to walk through this darkness, temporarily. What better light to have to show you the way through, than Jesus Christ. I remember the darkness I stumbled through before I was saved, and there is light at the end of the tunnel that Jesus is guiding me to. The Shekinah glory of God, the...
  10. Neohistory

    New gun owner

    I’ve always supported the 2nd amendment, but never felt I had to exercise it. I know that translates to me trusting in emergency services when it came down to critical moments, but these past two years made me realize something. Gas budgets for local law enforcements must be strained, supply...
  11. Neohistory

    Days of Lot vs today

    I know the Bible says in Revelation that the Tribulation will be the worst time that has ever been or ever will be, but seeing what we are seeing now? My goodness, I can’t even wrap my head around how bad it’s truly going to get. I praise your Holy name Lord Jesus, so grateful we will not...
  12. Neohistory

    Rapture/Tribulation almost simultaneous?

    The worse it gets, the more the Lord my God sees me through. That is what the good Lord does. Amen
  13. Neohistory

    Who Goes in the Rapture?

    Totally understand where you are coming from. I was just guessing what verse may have been used about this partial rapture theory, as that’s what’s been used before when I had a discussion about it with someone who argued it. I’m stepping back from it as a discussion, as I’m not really arguing...
  14. Neohistory

    Who Goes in the Rapture?

    Thank you very much! I will be reading up more on this. Watching Dr Andy Woods and seeing if he went into it, he’s been a really big help and I really like how he lays it out. Appreciate your time
  15. Neohistory

    Who Goes in the Rapture?

    Hmm I need to dive into some more, there are a lot of tribulation saints who die. Is there anyone specific that goes into this that might help in understanding it being about the tribulation? I’m not saying you’re wrong, just never heard of it being linked to the tribulation, unless I’m way behind
  16. Neohistory

    Who Goes in the Rapture?

    I think maybe what verse he was thinking about the man used was Matthew 25. The 10 virgins and 5 had oil in their lamps, and 5 foolish ones did not. I have had that quoted to me as justification for this partial rapture theory. Jesus is the oil. JESUS is always the answer. The partial rapture...
  17. Neohistory

    Are You Ready For Jesus’ Return?

    Lately I have been thinking about what my bema seat judgement will be like. It’s hard to think about the “wood, hay and stuble” being burnt up before me. I believe there will be some gold, silver, precious stones, so in these last days I’m focusing on what I can do till in that twinkling of an...
  18. Neohistory

    The Coming Financial Collapse and the Great Reset

    Maybe they are going to go through it because they aren’t saved is what I meant to type there. Really tired tonight
  19. Neohistory

    The Coming Financial Collapse and the Great Reset

    Mid trib/post trib is just works salvation. Jesus said on the cross IT IS FINISHED. These people thinking we need to prove ourselves or this “look what I’m going to endure” nonsense are turning their backs on the work of Jesus on the cross. It’s just plain prideful. Jesus took on the wrath for...
  20. Neohistory

    Russians Prepare Security Council Resolution Against Israel

    This is something that has really caught my attention since I first heard about it. Watching it very closely, and given the current global atmosphere of confrontations, I believe retaliation is more cloaked than out in the open. Putin is using natural gas and the ruble as an arm twister upon its...