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    Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale: Who is 28-year-old transgender woman who opened fire at Covenant school

    Very true! I'm friends with a Principal of a Christian school, and they have lots of stories of entitled parents bringing their "perfect angels" to enroll in the Christian schools because they've been kicked out of regular schools for behavioral issues. It's always other people's fault too...
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    A Yale professor said Japan's old people should kill themselves in a mass suicide

    I believe I read (but can't find the article, so take this with a pinch of salt) that the prof who proposed the suicide of elderly has a youthful following in Japan. It always interests me how ideas like this will get support from youth, but then they age.... and probably no longer would support...
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    How do you pass the time before the Rapture?

    Homeschooling kiddos, reading, video games, trying to create a preschool Homeschool program (something that might be worth selling, if I can ever finish), housework... more kid supervision....
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    Russian Missle Crosses into Poland killing 2.

    Purely speculation on my part, but I think this is going to be chalked up as a mistake on someone's part and it's going to result in a big fat nothing changing in the situation with Russia. Unless someone else retaliates or another missile lands in Poland, this is not a big enough situation to...
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    Disney at it again

    The newest animated film "Strange World" will feature a gay teen romance prominently. Is anyone surprised at the progression at Disney? From subtle to in-your-face. I'm certainly not going to see it or let my kids see it, but for some reason, I keep being disappointed at how evil this once...
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    Israel wants two-state solution to Palestinian conflict, Lapid to tell UN

    I think its all bluster for the moment, but I still think it is significant that he'd even be willing to mention a willingness to divide Israel. It seems like Israel is getting closer and closer to being willing to sign a covenant with death if it will give them "peace and security". We live...
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    Christianity Quickly Diminishing in U. S., on Pace to Become Minority Religion in Decades

    I don't care how many people call themselves Christian in polls, I think we're already a minority. Maybe it's just because I live in Washington, one of the least churches states, but I'm pretty sure I'm part of a very tiny minority here.
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    Embrace the Suck

    While it hasn't been 11 years for me of thinking we are in the End Tines season, it's been quite a few. And there have been lots of "high watch" dates that have come and gone. And I think there are more yet to pass by before the Rapture. There just seem like there are several major prophetic...
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    Will we witness satan's access to God?

    The Bible does say that we will judge the angels, and I tend to think that this refers to the Fallen angels. Of which Satan is one. So, perhaps God will be Judge, but all the saints will be the Jury when the final trial at the end of the Millennium takes place. *shrugs* However, I do think it...
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    Liz Cheney: Trump critic blasts Republican 'personality cult' after defeat

    She's the one obsessed with Trump, if you ask me.
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    Forbidding meat

    What is up with the weird war on meat? Several countries seem to be trying to prevent people from eating beef (because, climate change, apparently). It seems like we're entering a time that 1 Timothy 4:1-5 talks about. The "later times" where the unbelievers forbid meat. This is tied in with...
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    Supreme Court sides with coach who sought to pray after game

    Good. The whole idea that a man can't pray outside of his official work time was an egregiously bad judicial ruling and I'm glad to see the Supreme Court bring in a little common sense.
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    Thousands of Democrats Chant ‘Hail Satan’ during Supreme Court Protest

    And Satan was probably happily right there soaking up the praise. But this short moment of "victory" for him and the short moment of defiance from the people pales in light of God's eternal victory and Glory. The current situation is both sad and disgusting (and, frankly so illogical that it...
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    The News and the Good News

    I had to pass the joke along. For my falling-apart mini van, this might actually be a true assessment of value.
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    Two actors dead, six wounded in California car wreck

    This is different from "The Chosen", right? Because from the description, it sounds like a reincarnation thing, not a Biblical thing. That's not to say that the accident isn't a tragedy. My condolences to the families affected.
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    Biden requiring transgender school bathrooms for federal lunch funds

    I get to homeschool my kids for the first time this coming year, and I'm sooo excited! Every time I hear of things like these coming down from "on high", I'm so glad we won't have to deal with it. My sister's kids are in public school and some of the comments from the high schooler are just...
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    The Baby Formula Nightmare

    I couldn't breast feed. I tried, but couldn't produce enough milk (like after the first week, I could make only about an ounce per hour), baby was constantly crying, I was constantly trying to feed him, and it was miserable. So doctor told me to use formula and it was such a relief. If I had a...
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    Colonizing Mars could be dangerous and ridiculously expensive. Elon Musk wants to do it anyway

    I agree - this won't happen before Jesus returns. But in the Millennium... I think there's a decent chance. After all, if God changes the rules so that our own planet is "more livable", removing the curse, what's to say He won't make space more livable too? And humans will be more robust, and...
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    Rapture/Tribulation almost simultaneous?

    I would tend to put the start of the Trib as very close to the Rapture, as the purpose of the Rapture is to get us out of the way before it can start. But I also think there are things that need to be in place before the Trib can begin that aren't there yet (such as a 10 king world govt), which...
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    What We Can't Not Know

    That final sentence - people who get their "portion in this life"... what an awful eternity. They only recieve any good things now, and in a few short, miserable years, the good things are spent and gone, never to be received again. I just think on how horrible this life is and yet this is as...