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    Soros wants to rule the world?

    Just stumbled across this one today >> Will this Jewish billionaire be that man of sin?
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    No man can know...

    I'm a born-again Christian, and I have been since January 1995. From the moment I received the heavenly Gift I have always been in eager anticipation of Christ's appearing -- either by His coming to us, or by me coming to Him. Jesus said that no man knows the day or the hour. There are two...
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    Civil War 2.0 ??

    In some conservative circles scattered around the Internet, there have been musings and discussions saying that if Trump is impeached, it will be the spark that lights the powder kegs of Civil War 2.0. It's something to consider when conservatives own most of the firearms and trillions of...
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    U.S. to deploy military forces to Saudi Arabia Could this have any bearing whatsoever on the coming Gog / Magog war? Could this be the start of it? Will Russia and Iran soon become involved somehow?
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    Pope Francis Invites Political Leaders To Sign ‘Global Pact’ I can imagine almost every leader in the world signing this except for those in the Middle East. What do you think would make them come to the table? Hmmm....
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    Losing Weight

    We've heard the cliched mantra of "diet and exercise". Yes, bodily exercise profits a little. But the brain uses more calories than any organ in the body. On any given day or night, the brain always uses the most. Therefore, if you exercise your brain often you won't gain excessive weight.
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    A life of sevens and God's sense of humor.

    I'm sure that when any one of us looks back at our own lives in hindsight, we can see the hand of the LORD and how He has worked, giving grace after grace after grace. Sometimes we see His jokes of providence here on Earth, and many others we'll discover once we are in His presence. Looking...
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    Is Joshua Harris coming out?!

    When Joshua Harris made his infamous public announcement earlier this year, somebody suggested he was coming out of the closet. I didn't think it was possible until I saw this photograph...
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    Favorite hymns

    What are some of your favorite hymns? Here Are a few of mine: Abide with me, Amazing grace, Rock of ages, Day by day, It came upon a midnight clear.
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    Buddha - lazy boy

    One of the most influential teachers still revered in this world is Siddharta Gautama, an East-Indian prince who would later become known as the Buddha. It has been said that during his early, formative years his father forbade him from leaving the grounds of his estate. Despite his great...
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    The Trinity Everywhere

    In the beginning (time), God created the heavens (space), and the earth (matter). Therefore, in the beginning God created time, space, and matter all at once. These things had to appear simultaneously because things need space and time in order to move and exist. Perfectly good verse describing...
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    Global Currency Not content with simply silencing conservatives and Christians on its social network, Facebook is currently looking at being a major game-player in world finance...
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    Setting up the Antichrist

    Daniel 11:37 says of this future man of sin, "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all. " Now, the following comments I make are not intended to be offensive towards any particular group of people. I'm...
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    If you could ask God for anything....

    Solomon had this rare golden opportunity. If you could ask God for anything at all, and whatever it was you asked He would grant it in the affirmative, what would it be? But, anything contrary to His nature is off-limits.
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    Why Socialism / Liberalism / Communism is the Future One-World Church

    Consider the Seal Judgments: 1) FIRST SEAL - Behold a white horse. The rider of the horse wears a false crown. He claims to be The Messiah, but in reality he is the Antichrist. Running on a platform of liberalism, he gives the masses what they want -- socialism. It eventually devolves into...
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    Flintstones Reboot....into ADULT comedy!

    The Flintstones was a cartoon I enjoyed as a little boy. I thought it was neat seeing humans living peacefully alongside dinosaurs, cooperating together to create a wonderful stone culture and working human society. But coming to your screens this year will be a reboot of the beloved show in...
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    What of the mentally retarded?

    From John 9:41, we read "Jesus said unto them, If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth". I recognize that some mentally retarded persons may be able to understand the plan of salvation. But there are those whose condition is so acute that...
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    Jeff Epstein Won't Be Going to Jail

    Infamous billionaire pedophile Jeff Epstein, a brilliant genius with numbers, is in the forefront of the news again. This time (no surprise) accused of sex trafficking. He may have made a fortune in hedge fund and money management, but it wasn't financial acumen that made this son of Abraham a...
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    Who Wants To Be The Antichrist?

    I mean this in a figurative sense, though it can certainly become literal. Yet, the only way I see these guys winning the American election is either by cheating their way to the top, or for all the Christians to be raptured out of this planet. What am I talking about? This latest article...
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    UK Judge Sentences Man For Revealing Identities of Muslim Rapists

    You can read about it here: link removed because wnd is a banned source on RF due to its sensationalism and twisting of truth. In short, authorities and members of the jury, afraid of being labeled racists, chose to withhold from the public the identities, names, and ethnic descriptions of...