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  1. Milly_Light

    Have you seen Jesus?

    Have you ever in your life seen Jesus? Has he ever appeared to you? Or maybe an Angel from the Lord appeared to you. Just like Saul. The Damascus encounter Saul had. Or maybe you have seen Jesus in a vision. Share your experience. How did you feel?
  2. Milly_Light

    Can the saints in heaven see us?

    Let's say people like John the Baptist, Paul, Timothy, Enoch, Noah and Mary are in heaven. Can they see us?
  3. Milly_Light

    Let's create a story

    Let's add sentences to continue where the previous statement ends. So that when you finally read through it, it's a story. (I start) Once upon a time, there was a girl called Lucy...
  4. Milly_Light


    I believe God is always speaking to us. Sometimes He speaks to us through dreams, visions, the scriptures, a still small voice and sometimes through other prophets. Please share your experiences of how God speaks to you. Are there prophets in this forum and do you share prophecies concerning...
  5. Milly_Light

    The anointing

    Hi everyone. I believe we are all anointed differently. Some are anointed to write and others are anointed to preach. I heard a sermon on TV last week that people who feel a warm sensation after being prayed for are actually experiencing the anointing. For example me, when I sing worship and...
  6. Milly_Light

    Stolen Gifts

    Hi everyone. My question is, have you ever had your spiritual gifts stolen? Like losing you gift of prophecy or gift of tongues or gift of discerning. Did you get it back? What happened and what did you do? I was sick this year since March and got well in June. I was spirituality sick and I had...
  7. Milly_Light

    Hi everyone

    My name is Mildred. You can call me Milly in short. I'm 23 years old and born again. I have been reading rapture stories on this forum since 2018 and I have finally joined by the grace of God. Hi once again to all of you. I'm looking forward to making new online friends here as we all wait for...