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  1. savedatcamp

    Texas Democrats to flee state in effort to block GOP-backed voting restrictions

    Especially Eastern Tennessee. I can tell you they would not get a warm welcome.
  2. savedatcamp

    Rush Limbaugh's Replacement Announced

    Love Mark Steyn. He hosted the program alot while Rush went through treatments. Not a big fan of Bongino personally. But I will tune in. There is no real replacement for Rushbo among us Ditto Heads. Miss hearing his voice so much but thankful he is in Heaven so we can see him again.
  3. savedatcamp

    Prices Already Rising

    Unleaded is now $2.49 here in middle Tennessee. That's just after 1 month in with this Administration.
  4. savedatcamp

    Prices Already Rising

    I have noticed that as well. Especially Basmati rice and Spam. We started stocking up in Feb of 2020. Felt something was up. Gas here in middle Tennessee is about $2.19. Expect it to go up bigly with the executive order to shut down pipeline. We are retired now but those who work and are trying...
  5. savedatcamp

    Pence Conceded Election to Joe Biden in Released Statement

    I lost my respect for him during the Chinese virus and 15 days to stop the spread fiasco, and all the virus briefings with Fauci and scarf Lady. We should have never locked down.