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    NASA Hires Priest as ‘Life Changing’ Discovery Announcement Expected

    Food for thought: when were the first UFO sightings? I do not believe in UFO's, but the first "sightings" occurred in 1948. The year Israel, after 2000 years, had become a state, fulfilling Biblical prophecy. Of course Satan knew this, and had to distract the entire world by using the UFO trick...
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    Ghislaine Maxwell convicted of setting up girls for Epstein sex abuse

    Heh. Article says Epstein killed himself. No, the man had a lot to say, and wanted to say it. The powers that be who knew this had to silence him before he had the chance to speak. Praying for this woman's safety.
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    Biden Seeks To Nullify The Second Amendment

    And those are people who are content with living in totalitarian regimes.
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    Israeli airstrikes targeted chemical weapons facilities in Syria - report

    They're not even leaders. They are leftist drones placed in power by a coup driven by foreign elites fueled by a hostile, Marxist media and backed by an ignorant population.
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    Russia says it may be forced to deploy intermediate nuclear missiles in Europe

    Not surprised. We are the "young lions" according to Ezekiel 38. They are powerless, and sit by as Russia and her allies invade Israel.
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    Fox News anchor Chris Wallace leaving network after 18 years for CNN

    The answer is simple: Wallace is a leftist and wants Cuomo's seat. That and CNN having problems with their management going after children. CNN is where he belongs.
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    Diving into the Cultural Cesspool

    We are always being held to a higher standard, and in Liz's case, she took some offense at Billy's response to a joke while placing him within an unfair standard. In this, he was not wrong- he was as Paul said- a believer with knowledge having meat in an "idol's temple." Only difference is Liz...
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    How I Came to Hate the New World Order

    The article is spot on; however, Revelation 16 makes it clear that these are Pro-Antichrist forces that march across the dried Euphrates riverbed to participate in the Campaign of Armageddon. It is popular to combine current political objectives (China, Pakistan, etc.) however in the Bible, the...
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    Russia and China Promote Masculine Virtues – The US Celebrates Sissy Men

    All things being prepared for the future ten kings world government. The one being headed by the Antichrist himself. The United States will fall and become absorbed into what was Canada and Mexico as the rest of the world is restructured. Ironically, Russia and China will resolve to remain...
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    Trump again hints at 2024 presidential run

    If reports are true about the side effects of the vaccine push- and the current administration's silence on all things foreign and domestic, the possibility of the establishment's opposition will not be as pervasive as in 2017. That being said, the population has been thoroughly brainwashed. As...
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    God appoints our leaders. This includes Joe Biden.

    We all forget God has a permissive will and a perfect will. His perfect will is we all be saved. Will this happen? No, definitely not. As a matter of fact, "many" will find destruction over the "few." However, with the Bible as evidence and these recent events, it seems God is doing the true...
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    A different kind of deception scenario nobody is talking about

    Actually the opposite. To be fair, Trump DID say he believed in Christ, and confirmation going around he is actually a Christian. He prayed with evangelical leaders in the White House regularly due to the demonic responses from the left and others. God places leaders in power and takes them out...
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    Allen West calls out 'amazing hypocrisy' of Texas Dems who fled to DC now vacationing in Portugal

    A house divided cannot stand. Well, this country is going down the tubes fast. I guess Jesus was right, after all.
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    Commercial ships no longer safe after Oman attack - analysis

    And with this, compounds the issue with lack of supplies to crucial areas, leading to food shortages. And with entire regions in dire straits, food riots may occur, while leaders line up to blame Iran for these incidents. Can it get any worse?
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    Google and YouTube don't like our videos anymore

    One thing of note about the Antichrist: he does not share glory and power with another. Meaning, he will reject Muslim enforcers unless they renounce their religion and accept his mark. No other way around it, and faithful Muslims will NOT renounce their beliefs for the mark- it's that simple...
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    Google and YouTube don't like our videos anymore

    Consider it a badge of honor. And the fact Islam will lose all legitimacy and potency after the events of the Gog Magog war. Muslims deep down know the Bible is true, no matter how hard they fight against it. So this prophecy upsets them. Especially when Ezekiel describes a Temple even greater...
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    7 Key Facts About the Mark of the Beast

    The False Prophet will be no slouch. He will represent the Antichrist, who is the most powerful man on earth at the time, and later indwelt by Satan himself. I can't imagine what will go into forming the new world government ran by ten kings, and then the events leading to their breakup when the...
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    America in the Crosshairs

    How accurate! This is the calm before the storm, although much has gone on in regards to extreme weather conditions, social upheavals and confusion in general. This encourages me to continue praying and seeking God's Word in these dark, desperate days. Come, Lord Jesus!
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    Mormonism, the Rapture, and the End of the Age

    Events of the Millennium include those who rise up against God at the end of the thousand years. These are sinful humans who refused to obey Christ and follow him, and instead went with Satan after his release, and are among those who surrounded the camp of the saints. This is the result of ten...
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    The True “Social Justice Warrior”

    God's Laws and Word is just and fair, existing in a fallen world that is neither fair or just. Today's social justice warriors are misguided individuals, if given everything they ever wanted would just move the goalposts and demand more. They simply don't know what they want, even though they...