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  1. Saved and Waiting

    Kamala Harris ripped for claiming government's Hurricane Ian relief will prioritize ‘communities of color’

    I really do pray for my "enemies" but our Vice President is NOT the brightest bulb in the a long shot. I was gonna say dumber than a rock but I don't want to hurt the rock's feelings.
  2. Saved and Waiting

    Sometimes feeling discouraged and weary.

    I try to remember that God's timing is perfect all the time and my patience stinks most of the time!! He won't send Jesus for us early or late...He knows best.
  3. Saved and Waiting

    Pelosi pushes bill banning lawmakers from trading stock

    whatever, Nancy...not many like you (no matter which political party they support) so their disdain for you will continue to grow. You have money but that's about it.
  4. Saved and Waiting

    California to Save Planet Through “Human Composting”

    Oh brother...just when you think things can't get any weirder...they do!!! I wonder if there's a contest going on with a whole lot of people to see who can push through the most insane ideas/laws? It's getting impossible for me to choose the most insane so far.
  5. Saved and Waiting

    Should Christians Care About Politics?

    from Jack Kelley from Ask a Bible Teacher » Confused About Voting **Note: Jack wrote this many elections ago. But it’s timeless advice. ♥ Samantha Question: I’ve read some articles on Christian websites saying Christians should not vote at all this time because neither...
  6. Saved and Waiting

    FBI sought nuclear documents in search of Trump's home

    well, for what it's worth, I heard they even sifted through the kitty litter looking for nuclear fallout and the whole Democratic Party is being offered millions for playing themselves in the new movie, "Dumb, dumber, and dumbest".
  7. Saved and Waiting

    Im struggling

    This world is so evil and ugly and Satan loves to mess with we Christians. He has lost the war but still battles with us...we belong to Jesus and nothing Satan or anyone can do to us will change that. At different times, in my almost 58 years as a Christian, I experience times where I don't...
  8. Saved and Waiting

    NASA accuses China of intent to take over the moon, China rejects

    More and more I am realizing that I am not the crazy one.....
  9. Saved and Waiting

    The Biden Administration is Beyond Embarrassment

    Now THAT'S funny...thanks for the laugh, TT!!
  10. Saved and Waiting

    Nuclear Threats from the East

    Excellent points! I love people who know how to use the common sense the Lord gave them!
  11. Saved and Waiting

    Some deaths don't seem to matter

    Thank you...I did not know that :ahaha
  12. Saved and Waiting

    Elon Musk Twitter deal 'temporarily on hold'

    Wish I had some come back to this Twitter business that was brilliant....all I got is, "whatever"...
  13. Saved and Waiting

    Russia vows response as Finland seeks NATO membership without delay

    If Putin's health is at or reaching the critical point, I believe his evilness will have no choice but to attack Israel before he dies. The birth pangs are accelerating every day and I believe we are going to see a lot more activity concerning Israel and its enemies very soon.
  14. Saved and Waiting

    Russia Threatens to Nuke Britain, France, and Germany

    This part of your reply, Andy, hit me hard: If Iran is left untouched before EZ 38, they will be a very formidable force. If Turkey is part of the coalition, they will also be a strong force. We really dont know how many other nations will be included in the advance towards Israel. So, it is...
  15. Saved and Waiting

    What will the gender binary be like during the Great Tribulation?

    Explaining Matt. 24:16-22 Q I sincerely thank you, Jack, and your ongoing work for the Lord’s Kingdom. The following passage has always made me think and wonder : “Then those in Judea must flee to the hills. A person out on the deck of a roof must not go down into the house to pack. A person out...
  16. Saved and Waiting

    Great Reset: Cut Down on Meat and Travel Less to Save the World, Says UK Science Chief

    I can bring lettuce, tomato, mayo, and even some baked beans (with bacon in them) if you will save me a seat on that plane!
  17. Saved and Waiting

    Hamas official: We'll fire 1,111 rockets at Israel in next war

    So does that mean that Israel can fire 7,777 rockets at Hamas?? They can figure out all the 7's later....:idunno