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  1. Mama Bug

    Jane Fonda suggests 'murder' to fight abortion laws in wild appearance on 'The View'

    Jane is an evil idiot. Women do have control over their bodies. It's called birth control, it's called abstinence.
  2. Mama Bug

    Nationwide ban on gas-burning stoves under consideration

    They better leave my gas stove alone!!!
  3. Mama Bug

    Biden wants to make the test for U.S. citizenship multiple choice

    For number 4, another choice is E. The opposite of progress But seriously, Biden is probably pushing this because he doesn't know the answers himself so with multiple choice he might luck up and get some correct answers.
  4. Mama Bug

    Biden celebrates 80th birthday

    Happy Birthday to the White House Resident, I refuse to acknowledge you as my President. In April, on my birthday, I choose to wish for, You not to run for re-election in 2024! But congrats anyway for turning 80 years old, Sorry your cognitive function has long been out cold. So enjoy your ice...
  5. Mama Bug

    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    It's cold and windy this morning. When I woke up it was 39 degrees. High forecasted to be 54. I live in the southeastern US. This is unusual for October. It may be cool in the mornings this time of year but usually by afternoon the air conditioning is going. I don't think the AC will be...
  6. Mama Bug

    Jan 6 video shows Pelosi threatening to ‘punch out Trump’

    Oops that was supposed to be “swear like a sailor “, not “sweat like a sailor “. Seeing her sweat like a sailor would be quite a sight though. :lol
  7. Mama Bug

    Jan 6 video shows Pelosi threatening to ‘punch out Trump’

    All this talk of Nancy Pelosi inspired me to write a poem. Sit back and imagine if you will, a witchy old hag, Given a sharp pair of scissors, yet can’t fight out of a wet paper bag. Who is all bluster, threatening to punch out our former President, And foolishly allies herself with the...
  8. Mama Bug

    Gas prices in your area?

    Gas prices had jumped up a good bit where I am but they came back down a few pennies over the past few days. Cheapest in the town I live in right now is 3.30.
  9. Mama Bug

    UN, WEF Want to Save the World From Uncle Bob

    Uncle Bob is such a troublemaker! Poor little elites, they just want to control everything and everybody. Why can’t Uncle Bob just allow it? Mean ole Uncle Bob. Are the elites sitting around going “What about Bob?”
  10. Mama Bug

    War on Farming: New Zealand Proposes Taxing Cow, Sheep Burps and Peeing to Curb Emissions

    What’s next? Taxing people every time they pass gas or burp?
  11. Mama Bug

    Psaki Buries Her Knife in Biden’s Back

    Sorry Psnarky, we see right through you
  12. Mama Bug

    New E cars, Go green if you can afford it

    I’ve got three guinea pigs, three parakeets and one cat so it can get pretty noisy here. Where I live now, my nearest neighbor lives across a pasture. I can’t even see them. I think my daughter met one of them last week when she drove her car into the ditch. She’s ok, she was a little shaken...
  13. Mama Bug

    New E cars, Go green if you can afford it

    I hope we are outta here before then. I like my privacy. I also have noisy pets and we can be a bit noisy ourselves. Nobody wants to be our neighbors. :ahaha
  14. Mama Bug

    Gas prices in your area?

    Gas station by my home went down to 3.09 yesterday. The city my mom lives in, where I do some shopping because it’s cheaper, I think was 2.95 or 2.93. I filled up my car while I was there. It was 3.05 Saturday to fill up my husband’s car in our city, and I paid 3.03 Sunday to fill up my...
  15. Mama Bug

    Rapture Soothsaying

    I’m ready to go. I do wish that people would quit date setting though. Sure, I’d love it if Jesus came back before the end of this month but I’m not going to place any bets on it. On the same token when I see people posting saying oh we’ve got a few more years, 20 years, etc, it’s depressing...
  16. Mama Bug

    King Charles III Officially Proclaimed and Publicly Presented as King

    King Charles III is going to take some getting used to. For all my life it's been Queen Elizabeth II. I actually cried when I found out she died.
  17. Mama Bug

    Embrace the Suck

    The song To Live is Christ by Steve Fry, for some reason popped into my head as I read this thread. To live is Christ and to die is gain There is no other life that I desire to claim Than the life that's dead that I might live again No more in self to pride, for I have died And to live is...
  18. Mama Bug

    Gas prices in your area?

    I filled up my daughter’s car yesterday at Chevron and paid $3.19 per gallon. Walmart gas is 3.18 per gallon. One place near my moms house is 3.04? She lives about 20 miles away from me.
  19. Mama Bug

    Amazon's dangerous new acquisition

    If it can't clean my bathrooms, clean the guinea pig cage and bird cage, vacuum under and behind said cages, and make me a sandwich, then I have no use for it. I certainly don't need one with a camera.
  20. Mama Bug

    Christian school administrator defends institution's policies of referring to students by biological gender

    Well, it is a Christian school. If one wants to engage in non Christian behavior then why would one want to go to a Christian school? They can go somewhere else. But I'm sure the alphabet group will be crying about it.