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  1. Kerbluey

    What Biblical person do you relate to as you being like.

    I like you, Ghoti. I put people off too, so I understand. I’ve given up trying to figure out why.
  2. Kerbluey

    Lunch ideas?

    That sounds good to me. It’s very flavorful, so I can see how it’d be a great additional flavor in a salad. Mmmm.
  3. Kerbluey

    Nashville Christian school shooting

    I watched the video of law enforcement entering the building. It was very intense. Those guys are heroes! They never hesitated knowing they may die. Praying for them as well. I’m sure taking a life is devastating even if it’s the right thing to do. As they ascended the stairs you could hear the...
  4. Kerbluey

    Lunch ideas?

    I love what I call a warm salad. It’s salad dressing of choice over cooked and heated veggies and protein. Usually it’s chicken, green beans, spinach heated then I add raisins, green onions, and cheese. Sometimes pasta is added, and i always use oil & vinegar.
  5. Kerbluey

    Nashville Christian school shooting

    I will go out on a limb here and say we will learn people knew this person had issues and had reported them more than once but nothing was done.
  6. Kerbluey

    Mysterious UFO lights spotted in the sky above California

    Skinwalker Ranch is a ranch in Utah that has allegedly had a lot of paranormal activity. I read a book by the last people to own it and ended up pretty suspicious of their story as they continued to walk their acreage despite claiming to be terrified of all the happenings including being chased...
  7. Kerbluey

    Mysterious UFO lights spotted in the sky above California

    Lol, I love that scene. One of my favorite movies. I’m laughing picturing it. I read that those scenes were filmed in the salt flats in Utah (I think), and apparently they stink. The scene where he yells about the smell wasn’t part of the script. It was Will tired and hot and fed up and...
  8. Kerbluey

    Question about breakfast.

    I’ll eat pretty much anything for breakfast as I’m not attached to a specific type of food for breakfast. I eat eggs and sausage and grits for dinner a lot. Or pancakes, and today I air fried some chicken patties and put together a few day’s of sandwiches to heat up for breakfast.
  9. Kerbluey

    Dozens of Colombian girls hospitalized with ‘anxiety’ after playing with Ouija board

    I’ve never even seen one. I think my mom would’ve burned the house down if we brought one home, lol.
  10. Kerbluey

    Where do you want to live

    I’d live in Wyoming. We tried to retire there, but God slammed all those doors.
  11. Kerbluey

    Question about breakfast.

    I love Bob’s Red Mill grain hot cereals. I like the 10-grain one best. Chicken salad also has staying power. If I have it made up I’ll eat it on toast.
  12. Kerbluey

    The gospel may be outlawed in Israel

    That sounds vaguely familiar……:thinking
  13. Kerbluey

    Spring Break Advice for Parents

    The cartels are frightening. The things they do put ISIS to shame.
  14. Kerbluey

    Ukraine to pursue legal action against Russia over environmental crimes

    I’m sure this will somehow be billed to us taxpayers here in the West.
  15. Kerbluey

    Why did Jesus cry out about God forsaking Him?

    He knew the plan from beginning to end. I ask God why a lot, but that’s because I’m in the dark about the future, His reasons, etc. And most importantly, I’m not Jesus. I get angry and hurt, I sin. Was it to fulfill prophecy and/or point people to Psalm 22:1? Was it the very first and only time...
  16. Kerbluey

    The End of Literature

    The inmates are running the asylum.
  17. Kerbluey

    After backpedaling on gas stove ban, administration plans to raise costs via new efficiency regs

    Which means, like washing machines, it’ll use less whatever per hour but will take a week to do what used to be accomplished in a day.
  18. Kerbluey

    The World is Ready for the Antichrist

    So am I cause that means we are gone. It can’t come fast enough for me.