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    Triple Letter Phrase Game ( aaa - zzz)

    Laughing lucky leprechaun
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    Take My Word Game

    Lord (of the) Rings
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    How About a Hand? A Forum Game

    Indentured Servent
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    Either Or

    Plane Go grocery shopping or clean the house?
  5. JoyJoyJoy

    Where do you want to live

    I like living in SC. My area is still fairly conservative. The heat is horrible but I can't stand the idea of living where winters would be any colder than they are here. I like staying home and spending untold hours in my flower beds. I also love Louisiana...the people and the food.
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    Now Whitey is Hogging All the Fresh Air

    Ok..I'll bite...Why????
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    Christian Teacher Fired for Saying ‘Homosexuality is Invading the Church’

    Why is the world kowtowing to the homosexual agenda?? Or maybe this is another example of how much darkness hates the light?? The world seems to hate any Christian ideology and is intent on suppressing it. Even so, the man is speaking truth but truth can no longer be tolerated. In my mind, the...
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    Coming wars

    I have heard/read that the Queen had a child by King S, but can't find it in the Bible?? Do you have a little treasure trove of info on that? I would love to read it. I do appreciate you and others who have spent much time and effort in collecting and compiling all of this information.
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    Russia, China relationship in light of bible prophecy.

    @athenasius those last 2 posts were solid gold. Especially your thinking on the 200 million horsemen. I had always thought they would be humans coming out of the east, mainly China....I can see the possibility of them being demonic, with the way they are described. Such horror and terror await...
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    Triple Letter Phrase Game ( aaa - zzz)

    Jerome's jerky jump
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    4-Letter Game/Change One Letter

    Luck...that one was hard!!
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    Either Or

    Camper Be able to speak every language on earth OR be able to speak to animals?
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    Take My Word Game

    King Jesus
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    How About a Hand? A Forum Game

    Faithful Servant
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    The Pedophile Behind Prison Abolition

    I absolutely agree that pedophiles shouldn't be locked up. They should receive the gospel of Jesus Christ then the death penalty...immediately. I have no patience with a molester and do not believe they can be rehabilitated. Even if castrated, the evil lives on in their hearts and minds. How...
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    The UN Takes A Stand Against God

    I always love Brother Hal's articles. It amazes me...the amount of hatred for the Jewish people and the contention for such a tiny piece of land. I am so thankful for Bibical knowledge and that we can understand the importance of Israel....something the unsaved world seems...