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  1. glc11

    “Explosion” above Billings this evening

    I checked the other thread and didn’t see this mentioned yet. I live in Kalispell, MT. North western area. At about 5:50 pm MT … all my Montana Facebook groups started talking about a strange explosion and unusual scene In Billings. I turned on Fox and Jesse Watters started reporting on it...
  2. glc11

    Hawaii's Mauna Loa is erupting for the first time since 1984

    I heard Bret Baier reporting on this earlier today on Fox KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii (AP) — Waves of orange, glowing lava and smoky ash belched and sputtered Monday from the world’s largest active volcano in its first eruption in 38 years, and officials told people living on Hawaii’s Big Island to be...
  3. glc11

    New Age Cover Up

    I just noticed that too when a friend started to show me screenshots since she so diligently follows. “Ascension”.
  4. glc11

    So much false doctrine on the timing of the rapture!

    Yowza! With how crazy this world is, there is a lot of talk about End Times from sources you wouldn’t expect (like that CNN article we were all discussing) Do you all remember during 2020 how there was a group of doctors on the capital steps giving an interview about optional Covid...
  5. glc11

    Trump makes it official: I am announcing my candidacy for President of the United States

    I agree! Especially when you read this stuff and know how much of an influence his daughter has. Who knows, but!!! ???? I am thinking the same as you as well. We should all be keeping our eyes and ears wide open! ———————————— Ivanka has been included in Fortune magazine’s prestigious “40...
  6. glc11

    AC confirms covenant, rapture “timing” question

    Very scary thought about the Bride of Christ having to endure the start of the OWG, but I agree we may get a taste of it. Ugh, the thought of say Gavin Newsom getting elected to help usher that in is terrifying! Him running against whomever we position on the GOP side wouldn’t surprise me.
  7. glc11

    Trump makes it official: I am announcing my candidacy for President of the United States

    Wow this has been an enjoyable thread to use as a “catch-up on what you all been talking about”. I don’t have much to add to what was already stated . For me (if anyone is curious): - in the 2016 primaries, I wanted Ted Cruz, but then later in the main election, obviously voted Trump -during...
  8. glc11

    Sometimes feeling discouraged and weary.

    What a great thread! I don't know how I missed it previously! I found it so comforting to see how we all feel the same way. I also never saw that CNN article. Just read it. Definitely made me mad that this person runs that Tik Tok leading kids astray to make fun of rapture...
  9. glc11

    Dark Storm Clouds Are Approaching

    The Sesame Street thing threw me too…. Since it’s not fully explained in the article. But then I remembered something my high schooler told me that their English teacher shared. She was talking about how this generation today has the shortest attention span of all previous generations. The...
  10. glc11


    :tappingfoot :) Like any minute now, right? How much more will we see? Crazier and crazier each day!
  11. glc11

    Trending Towards the Tribulation: 7 Indicators To Watch

    I dwell on this too. I am always paying close attention when TT and Andy are discussing if the OWG will be in place before the Rapture. Trying to analyze scripture for answers as well. I want to believe we will be out of here before. I know that all of us have been on pins and needles since...
  12. glc11

    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    I live in Kalispell, MT This past Thursday night, we had an epic storm that blasted golf ball sized hail. Tons of damage to cars, windows, gardens. Lots of insurance claims started on Friday morning. Google “Kalispell Montana hail storm “ and read all about it. Or Flathead Valley The cloud...