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  1. maryrae

    A Blueprint For a Genocide of Existence

    I couldn't read it all! This stuff is straight from the pit of Hell, what these people believe. Jesus come quickly!
  2. maryrae

    Crushed Bug ‘Additive’ is Now Included in Pizza, Pasta & Cereals Across the EU

    I googled it. One site has this to say: "Due to the nature of where it's produced, castoreum is hard to extract and involves anesthetizing the beaver and "milking" its glands. Because of this, according to Fenaroli's Handbook of Flavor Ingredients, only roughly 300 pounds are produced annually...
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    Happy Birthday, maryrae

    Thank you, everyone!
  4. maryrae

    Won't be long...

    I was one who used to have "rapture anxiety" to some degree, but as I walked with the Lord and grew in the knowledge of the Word and grew to really understand to a fuller degree what God's grace and love was truly like, that fear has slipped away. Now my major concern is that our loved ones...
  5. maryrae

    UN Chief “Our World Is In Big Trouble” Warns Of 'Colossal Global Dysfunction'

    Whether it's a manufactured crisis or not, does anyone else see what I am seeing? With all this rhetoric coming from the UN, I saw a call for a leader to arise who can solve all these problems. Not in so many words, mind you, but certainly to me, edging closer and closer to that call. That means...
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    Doctrine of Discovery

    The pope (I refuse to capitalize this title) is visiting Canada these days on a "pilgrimage of pennance" in regards to the horros that were committed in the residential schools here. The "doctrine" of discovery was mentioned as a basis for the RC treatment of our indigenous people, and for the...
  7. maryrae

    Thousands of Democrats Chant ‘Hail Satan’ during Supreme Court Protest

    Totally agree. As a young Christian, I didn't fully grasp how these things would be- still don't fully grasp- I think prophecy has a way of unwinding rather than a full-on major happening for the most part, although there are/will be major events. It seems that either evil is being emboldened or...
  8. maryrae

    The Bright Thread! Merry Christmas everyone.

    Merry Christmas everyone! Perhaps by next Christmas we will all be celebrating in Heaven!
  9. maryrae

    Literal chariots and horses?

    I am aware of that. I didn't mean they were horses, I meant they were a people, skilled in horsemanship. :)
  10. maryrae

    Literal chariots and horses?

    Good question! I have heard of similar scenarios being discussed by prophecy teachers/preachers. I also have heard that Russia or one of it's satelite nations is known for its military accumen with horses e.g. the Cossack's, still in place today. It might indeed be a real possibility if ever...
  11. maryrae

    US says hopes Iran returns to nuclear talks on Nov. 29 'in good faith'

    Just saw this from All Israel News, where Joel Rosenbrg is editor-in-chief: A brief quote from...
  12. maryrae

    Cambodian woman marries cow she claims is her reincarnated husband

    This poor deluded lady. She needs to be set free from those devilish chains that are binding her- and the answer is Jesus.
  13. maryrae

    QAnon leader in Canada

    So sad. This reminds me of the false messiahs out there who also make outlandish claims. Jesus said that these types would be on the rise before the end. She needs Jesus!
  14. maryrae

    QAnon leader in Canada

    I really don't know anything much about QAnon, except that it seems to be extremist in its views. I'm glad that the "orders" seem to have not been carried out and I certainly hope that remains the case. Canada is not without its nutcases. Regardless of our views on vaccines, I agree with my...
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    Happy Birthday maryrae!

    Thank you, everyone! I am blessed! - Mary
  16. maryrae

    Metal detectorist finds small gold bible near York.

    Interesting! By the way, daygo, I love watching the shows from Britain that involve archeological digging. So much history brought to life by seeing what they unearth, some of which is very, very, old. I love using my imagination with the very old findings. (Some of which, they have used more...
  17. maryrae

    Just my .02 on dreams

    I have heard that dreaming is a way our subconscious mind tries to make sense of the days events or of a circumstance that troubles us. There aren't the usaual going's on as in our awake hours, so our brain has opportunity to try to make sense of things. I have found that to be a good...
  18. maryrae

    How to privately contact Chris or Adrian?

    mattfivefour is not part of a person's name (matt), it is a Scripture reference from the Sermon on the Mount. The person attached to the forum "name" is Adrian. :) Just like athenasius is not "athenasius", she has a proper name IRL.
  19. maryrae

    5 Things You Should Know About How God Sees You

    Oh how marvelous, Oh how wonderful, is My Saviour's love for me!
  20. maryrae

    Why HASN'T the Rapture happened yet?

    I haven't posted on RF in a while, but I was hungering for info to read again on the certainty of the Rapture. Thanks so much Adrian for that pinned post. So encouraging. Like everyone else I have been inundated with Covid info and arguments, no matter what view you have. It actually was the...